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January 11, 2016

Story By: Christina O Connor |

The story behind yakiniku eatery Japanese BBQ Yoshi reads almost like a restaurateur’s fairy tale: A man who knew Yoshi’s co-founders from another restaurant loved the way they prepared their meat so much that he actually funded them to start their own venture.

“It was our chance to showcase what we could do,” supervisor Scott Motoda explains. “With this restaurant, all of the ideas, all of the menu items are pretty much our choice — so we have a lot of freedom.”

The eatery now has been open for nearly a year, and in that time, it seems customers have discovered exactly what Yoshi’s investor loved about it — not surprisingly, it has become a hot spot for diners looking for high-quality meats.

Motoda highly recommends making reservations.

With a legendary story of origin surrounding Japanese BBQ Yoshi, a good place to start would be with a wide selection of meats, like the Wagyu Sampler ($43). It features an assortment of four different wagyu meats, including choices like kalbi or ribeye.

The selection varies depending on what the restaurant has in stock at the time, but Motoda assures that no matter what you get, it’ll be the best. All the beef that Japanese BBQ Yoshi brings in is within the top-tier rating of Japan’s meat-grading system (A4 and A5).

Motoda also divulges to Dining Out a forthcoming item: Thick Cut Pork Belly ($17). It’s not on the menu yet, but be on the lookout — Motoda says it’s coming soon. Thick Cut Pork

Belly will feature a juicy cut of pork that’s seasoned with sesame oil, garlic and salt and pepper.

Japanese BBQ Yoshi

1316 Young St., Honolulu

Daily, 5-11 p.m.

Honolulu, HI 96814

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