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November 29, 2015

Story By: Kelli Shiroma | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

For those looking to check items off their Christmas list, Minamoto Kitchoan provides your one-stop shop for all things sweet.

The elegant store — located on Street Level 1, near Center Stage — opened in 2013 and specializes in Japanese confections. According to office manager Yayoi Akana, Minamoto Kitchoan has everything you need to get your holiday shopping done. She explains that multiple confectionery assortments are available in varying sizes.

“We have nicely packaged combinations and you don’t have to wrap them yourself — they’re ready to give to people directly,” Akana says. “Most of our merchandise is already decorated for your convenience.”

Akana recommends three specific products to give to family and friends this holiday season. Grace Dew, for starters, is a colorful, sweet, bite-sized confection that’s extremely popular among customers. The gummy treat has added health benefits, since it contains all-natural ingredients like fresh fruit juices and collagen to promote healthy skin and dietary fiber. Featured flavors include mango, grape, cranberry, banana, orange and melon, and Akana says these confections are made with real fruits.

Grace Dew is available in various packaging options, such as 14-piece, 24-piece and 36-piece assortments (prices vary). These snacks also are sold in smaller quantities, such as eight-piece ($8) and six-piece ($6) packs.

According to Akana, Grace Dew treats are like real-fruit jellies. “It’s like the adult version of fruit snacks. It’s very unique; you can’t find an item like it in any other store. Most people get the 14-piece or 24-piece (package), but for Christmas, the bigger size is more popular.”

Another customer favorite is Leaf Pie, which is a buttery, sugary, leaf-shaped cookie. Each batch is made with fresh butter and customers often enjoy the cookie’s full flavor and crispy texture, as well as the delicate leaf shape.

“These cookies are very thin, and there are two cookies in an individual package ($2.50),” Akana says. “The Leaf Pie also is available in eight-piece, 12-piece and 24-piece assortments (prices vary).”

For truffle-lovers, Akana recommends Paves Au Chocolat Truffles ($20 per box) that are available in two flavors: chocolate and matcha. The chocolate variety is immensely popular — and Akana’s personal favorite — and these truffles are known for their soft, silky, melt-in-your-mouth textures.

“These truffles are less sweet (than their American counterparts), but they still have a rich flavor,” she explains.

As the countdown to Christmas begins, Akana encourages customers to visit Minamoto Kitchoan to enjoy the vast selection of packaged confections available before the holiday rush ensues.

“We’re the busiest 10 days before Christmas,” Akana confirms. “Our products are in beautiful boxes, and you can’t find them anywhere else.”

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