Dress Up Thanksgiving With Dreamy Desserts

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November 22, 2015

Story By: Ali Resich | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

6-inch Chocolate Dobash Cake ($9.30); Guava Chiffon Cake ($18.50); Haupia Chocolate Cake ($16); Peach Bavarian Cake ($15.95); Dream Cake ($17.60); 6-inch Chantilly Cake ($12.85)

6-inch Chocolate Dobash Cake ($9.30); Guava Chiffon Cake ($18.50); Haupia Chocolate Cake ($16); Peach Bavarian Cake ($15.95); Dream Cake ($17.60); 6-inch Chantilly Cake ($12.85)

Every month, Napoleon’s Bakery gives its loyal patrons a fresh flavor to dive into as the perfect supplement to its classically homey desserts. While each featured ingredient offers excitement, none is quite as festive as the prized pumpkin goodies that fill the bakery’s display cases during November. Ideal as everyday treats or the finishing touches to an annual Thanksgiving dinner, sweetening up the holiday season means taking a big bite out of Napoleon’s baked goods.

Many customers wait all year long to finally sink their teeth into autumnal favorites such as Pumpkin Chiffon Pie ($10.50). This decadent dessert is a tasty convergence of traditional pumpkin pie and the creamy, cloudlike texture of chiffon pie. Also available during November is Pumpkin Coffee Cake Square ($1.95 each), featuring moist pumpkin-filled cake topped with streusel crumbs and cream-cheese magic.

A few of Napoleon’s favorites — Pumpkin Crunch Pie ($9.75; November special) and Pumpkin Cheesecake ($19.50; available from Nov. 25) — are returning to the baker’s rack this season, providing even more holiday-ready options to choose from.

As one of Hawaii’s iconic bakeries, Napoleon’s keeps all of its customers’ needs in mind, including those who may be watching their sugar intake. Nobody will have to deprive themselves of indulgent desserts this month, thanks to Pumpkin Delite Cake ($15.95; no sugar added; available Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays), a 6-inch mound of heaven flavored with pumpkin and spices, and layered with vanilla sugar-free pudding. And the icing on this cake is cinnamon-flavored, sugar-free vanilla whipped topping.

“It’s so moist and it has all the pumpkin spices, so you can’t even tell it’s made with sugar-free items,” explains Jan Tsukazaki, general manager for Food Solutions, who oversees Napoleon’s Bakery operations.

Tsukazaki notes that Pumpkin Pie made with Equal brand sweetener ($12.35) is another calorie-conscious option for gatherings this month.

At Napoleon’s Bakery, diners always can keep it simple with traditional Pumpkin or Custard Pies ($9.60 each). These gems have been around since Tsukazaki opened Napoleon’s Bakery with Zippy’s in 1983, and she still fondly remembers when they were the only pies offered during the bakery’s first Thanksgiving.

Since then, Napoleon’s selections have grown substantially, with many of its signature items becoming household names here in the Islands. To this day, kamaaina love to make the bakery’s cakes part of their special celebrations, and this year will be no different.

Swoon over Dream Cake ($17.60), Peach Bavarian Cake ($15.95) and Chantilly Cake ($12.85 6-inch, $18.90 regular). Local flavors light up in must-haves such as Haupia Chocolate Cake ($16) and Guava Chiffon Cake ($18.50), while chocoholics rejoice over Chocolate Dobash Cake ($9.30 6-inch, $13.65 regular).

“What our customers want during the holidays are memories of family and good flavors, and we always want to provide the flavor of home — what you remember when Mom or Grandma baked pumpkin pie every year,” says Tsukazaki.

With any or all of these specialties making their way to your Thanksgiving table, it’s safe to say the spotlight no longer will be on the turkey.

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