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August 18, 2015

Story By: Christina O Connor |

There might be a lot of Chinese eateries around town, but the newly opened Good Fortune stands out from the moment you walk in the door: White table cloths, a clean dining room and a friendly server greet you. Plus, is there even such a thing as too much Chinese food?

Not as far as Good Fortune’s customers are concerned. According to server Wendy Gao, the restaurant already is reeling in patrons with its takes on classics like Chicken with Orange Flavor Sauce ($10.95) and Salt and Pepper Shrimp ($11.95).

Chicken with Orange Flavor Sauce features deep fried chicken bathed in a tangy sweet-and-sour sauce. The Salt and Pepper Shrimp, meanwhile, is flavored with garlic, seasonings and lemon. While some iterations of these popular dishes may lean toward being too sweet or too salty, Gao says that Good Fortune’s chef has painstakingly worked to find the perfect balance.

“A lot of customers like these,” she says. “The flavor (of the chicken) is just right on, and the shrimp is crispy and has just the right amount of seasoning.”

Located in Chinatown, Good Fortune just opened July 1, with the goal of offering traditional Chinese cuisine in a central location. The restaurant opens daily at 8 a.m., so for downtown workers, that means another option to grab some dim sum before heading to work.

Good Fortune’s menu also is stocked with signature items like Fried Tofu with Spinach ($12.95), which Gao says has become a quick favorite among customers.

“It has fish fillet, which they stuff inside the tofu, and then deep fry it,” Gao explains. “And then there is spinach on the bottom with gravy on top.”

Good Fortune

1138 Smith St., Chinatown
Daily, 8 a.m.-9 p.m.

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

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