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April 19, 2015

Story By: Steve Murray | Photos by: Anthony Consillio

Pho My Lien in Aiea’s Westridge Shopping Center is a popular dining destination made famous be-cause of its commitment to quality, quantity and affordability. As a result, the Vietnamese restaurant serves some 200 bowls of pho a day. But what truly makes Pho My Lien special, is the husband-and-wife culinary team of Tommy (My) Dang and Lien Bui. In fact, when you savor the delicate mix of textures and flavors, you actually are enjoying the recipes of Bui’s mother, who passed them on to her daughter, Lien. One bite makes it clear: Mama Bui knew exactly what she was doing.

Rice Vermicelli with Chicken and Spring Rolls ($11.50 regular, $8.99 May special).

Rice Vermicelli with Chicken and Spring Rolls ($11.50 regular, $8.99 May special).

A good example of this unique home cooking is Hot Spicy Curry ($10.95). Resembling more of a soup base than the thick hearty stew that is most common, the spicy dish is a flavorful peek into the Bui family kitchen. Served with a side of vermicelli noodles and your choice of chicken, beef, tofu or shrimp, the green curry broth also features potatoes, onions and a blend of spices. The curry alone lure in about 70 people each day, looking to enjoy the unique dish.

Rice Vermicelli ($11.50, $8.99 May special) is a cool and satisfying menu option, which features egg rolls filled with your choice of barbecue beef, chicken, shrimp or pork. Mama Bui’s secret dressing also complements this crowd-pleasing starter.

Care to share a meal among family and friends? Then Shrimp Fried Rice ($11.50) is a great choice. A heaping helping of rice is stir fried in a vegetable broth with a slew of mixed veggies and tender shrimp. Wok-fried a toasty golden brown, this delicious dish is a great way to get your meal going.

Pho My Lien

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