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March 23, 2015

Story By: Christina O Connor |

With those thick, cooked-to-perfection noodles bathed in hot broths, Iyo Udon is so good that many of its customers wish they could take it with them wherever they go. Well, now they can.

Iyo Udon recently presented takeout options, so you can take your udon with you on the run. The takeout selection doesn’t include the full menu, but you still have access to essentials such as Kake Udon (regular $3.79; $4.79 large), which features udon in a light broth. You also can add green onions, red ginger, tempura flakes and sauces.

Ontama Niku Udon ($6.99 regular; $7.99 large), also is popular — comprised of udon in a hot bukkake broth — along with eggs and beef, is a heavier version of the light kake.

Each month, the Ala Moana Center restaurant also features a new udon created by the staff. This month, Spicy Kake ($4.99 regular; $5.99 large) is the featured dish.

“Spices and red pepper have been added to the beef, to give it a kick,” explains assistant manager Jasmine Stevens, who adds that this item only is available for a limited time.

Have an idea of what you’d like to see in your next bowl of udon? Pitch it. Sometimes, in crafting their creations, the staffers also take customer feedback into consideration. Last month’s concoction, for example, was suggested by a customer.

“We like being in touch with our customers,” Stevens says.

Stevens explains that Iyo Udon is run cafeteria style, so you can witness your udon being made as you go down the line, personalizing your noodle dish every step of the way.

At the end of the line, choose from a la carte items (vegetable tempura, shrimp tempura and various musubis) as a complement to your meal. And now, those end-of-the-line treats also include California Roll ($2.99 apiece) with crab and avocado.

In addition to takeout, Iyo Udon plans to start offering delivery service within Ala Moana Center.

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