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February 1, 2015

Story By: Andy Beth Miller | Photos by: Nathalie Walker

What if we told you that you could actually place an order for a life filled with endless “French Kisses,” hot “Strawberry Blondes” and devilishly delicious, rich “Italian Stallions”? And what if we told you that this delectable dream was not only well within reach, but also absolutely legal, mother approved and affordable for every man, woman and child?

Christie Fejeran, original owner of Whatcha Fillin’, the Honolulu hot spot for all whose appetites tend to veer toward the unconventional, chuckles as she attempts to explain her eatery’s facetiously titled fare.

“In case you’re thinking we’re just a bunch of perverts,” quotes Whatcha Fillin’s website, “those are just some of our scrumptious waffle cake names!” And these waffle cakes, far from being a passing foodie fetish, are just about the most exciting thing around if you ask any of the Kaimuki eatery’s clientele.

Originally founded by Christie in 2013, Whatcha Fillin’ began as a mobile food truck, serving up piping hot pockets of scratch-made, pancake-like batter (right before your eyes, mind you!) packed with sweet and savory fillings so unique, they far surpass one’s most quirky flavor fantasies. Whatcha Fillin’ now has reopened as a Kaimuki storefront located in the WZ Entertainment Center — and under new ownership — as Christie’s sister, Anna Fejeran, assumes the helm.

Originating from traditional Japanese street food known as imagawayaki (doughy cakes filled with azuki bean and Japanese custard), Whatcha Fillin’ has taken this concept and created its own “twisted” versions that are simply described as 50 shades of yay.

“We constantly work to perfect recipes and bring you new fillings, with awesome names, of course,” explains Christie. “Our names are playful and sensual, because, let’s be honest, that’s exactly how you feel when you eat something amazing!” she quips with a coy grin.

Enough to make a grown man blush (Christie recalls with relish Whatcha Fillin’s food truck days, when she watched with glee as brawny, muscled men were made to shout out their orders for a “hot Italian Stallion!”), the menu items offer fun and often hilarious ways to make satisfying those hungers even more enticing.

Make Baby Cakes ($4) your new boo, presenting a decadent cheesecake concoction laced with a lip-smackingly delicious lilikoi drizzle. Or flirt with the idea of enjoying your French Kiss ($4), a French-inspired fusion of caramelized onions, ham, mayo and Gruyere cheese — a savory spin on the Parisian favorite, Croque Monsieur.

For those who really want to get their edible engine’s revving, Whatcha Fillin’s Rice Cake ($4), a ramped-up version of a traditional musubi, consisting of sweet mochi rice, salmon belly, choice of ginger miso or chili oil, and furikake seasoning sprinkled on top, won’t disappoint.

And although Whatcha Fillin’ is open daily to satisfy your cravings, hungry clientele also can enjoy onsite WZ Cafe’s offerings as well. Try its Winner’s Bowl ($9.99) of acai, shredded coconut, papaya, pineapple, macadamia nuts, honey and coconut syrup, or a number of other items, including flatbreads, sweet potato fries, coffees, teas and more.

“I wanted the Whatcha Fillin’ experience to be a fun, playful thing,” explains Christie. “A place where customers could laugh and giggle while enjoying delicious food. If I can give them that, that’s an amazing thing.”

Now that’s satisfying.

Whatcha Fillin’

3457 Waialae Ave., Honolulu
Daily, 11 a.m.-8 p.m.
WZ Cafe Hours: 10 a.m.-10 p.m.

Honolulu, HI 96816

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