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February 22, 2015

Story By: Christina O Connor | Photos by: Anthony Consillio

You know those baking shows where they have those impressive, huge cakes that somehow, miraculously take on all kinds of different shapes? Well, at Cake Works, those culinary miracles are commonplace. Chef and owner Abigail Langlas is a pro at concocting the towering treats.

After growing up on the Big Island, Langlas attended culinary school in England, before working in France.

“From the time that I was a little girl I loved baking, and I was good at artistic things,” Langlas says. “My mother was a good baker, but she didn’t like doing the fancy, decorative stuff, so she’d make stuff and then I’d make it pretty.”

And everything at Cake Works certainly is aesthetically pleasing. Those gourmet layered cakes come in a range of flavors and are available for custom orders. And if you order one for a wedding cake, Cake Works’ Wedding Cake Pops ($4-$6) make a nice complement.

“They come decorated as a bride and groom, and bridesmaids and groomsmen,” Langlas says.

The cake pops come in pretty much any of Cake Works’ flavors, such as vanilla, pina colada and chocolate decadence.

While the bulk of Cake Works’ business has always been custom-ordered cakes, its macarons are increasingly popular. The shop’s display case is filled with a colorful collection of macarons — or you can opt for its adorable character cookies, like the Bear-shaped Vanilla French Macarons ($4). Other character macarons include Hello Kitty or minions (character macarons range from $4 to $5).

“We do a lot of seasonal colors and flavors,” Langlas adds of the macarons. “And we come up with something different for every holiday or season.”

Cake Works constantly is coming up with new sweet treats — and one of its latest creations is the Neapolitan Marshmallow ($7.95 per bag, five per bag), which features strawberry and vanilla marshmallows drizzled with dark chocolate.

While Langlas honed her skills in European baking, she is dedicated to utilizing local ingredients when possible. That’s why you can find flavors like Kona coffee or strawberry guava for its cakes and macarons.

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