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February 8, 2015

Story By: Rachel Breit | Photos by: Rachel Breit

At Kozo Sushi, you can have it all, with new makimono rolls that give you the best of everything the eatery offers. Besides brimming with well-loved favorites, the sushi mashups also showcase a yin and yang of flavors and textures: mild and spicy, creamy and crunchy, and sweet and savory.

Tsunami Maki ($7.25) is an inside-out California roll — a buttery mix of crab, avocado and a crunch of cucumber — topped with ahi sashimi then smothered with sweet chili, spicy and unagi sauce.

“All the sauces people like,” says assistant manager Kyle Higashide.

Pieces of tempura chips and green onions add the final touch and lend even more texture. Higashide isn’t alone when he says this roll is one of his favorites. “It’s a combination of all the really popular items,” he explains. “I like the flavors.”

Breaded shrimp, “or ebi fry,” says Higashide, with crisp lettuce, is at the heart of the Hurricane Maki ($7.25). The roll is crowned with salmon, sweet chili, pungent wasabi mayo and — get this — crumbled barbecue potato chips. They lend crunch and a slight smoky flavor.

Another shrimp-based roll, Dynamite Maki ($7.25), is filled with shrimp tempura and lettuce, and blanketed with ground spicy ahi, sweet chili sauce and wasabi mayo. Barbecue chips make another unexpected appearance. “Of all the three, this roll is the spiciest,” Higashide shares.

Having a hard time imagining these unconventional rolls? You’ll have to taste them to believe them.

Kozo Sushi

638 Keeaumoku St. (with additional locations)
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Sunday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

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