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December 7, 2014

Story By: Rachel Breit | Photos by: Nathalie Walker

At Genki Sushi, it’s all within reach. The kaiten-style eatery puts its sushi and more, front and center on a revolving belt of small plates. See anything that catches your eye? With a myriad of sushi and side dishes, the odds are in your favor.

Regulars will cheer when they discover that Breaded Fried Oysters ($4) are on the belt. “They’re back by popular demand,” says David Moon, director of purchasing. Their crunchy panko exterior and buttery, briny interior has proven to be down right addictive. Try them dipped in a little umami-rich katsu sauce. Yum.

Another temptation that’s worth a gander pairs “two of Hawaii’s favorites: Spam and egg,” Moon declares. Spam and Tamago Roll ($3) marries the salty goodness of Spam with the slight sweetness of the Japanese-style omelet. Wait, there’s more. Once it’s assembled and rolled rice-side out, the sushi is breaded in tempura batter, deep fried and covered with unagi sauce — a thick and sweetened soy-based sauce. This new recipe is a result of some tinkering in the kitchen. “We were experimenting, and all of a sudden tempura batter went on it, and we were like, ‘Oh, yeah! This is pretty good,'” Moon explains.

In continuing with the everything-is-better-fried sentiment, if you take a closer look, you’ll find that Genki is serving string beans tempura-style in an inside-out roll. Even Moon, who’s not a wild fan of the green stuff, says the textural element the tempura batter adds is part of what makes String Bean Tempura Roll ($2.40) so good. “It’s something new to try,” Moon adds.

These dishes are part of the restaurant’s menu update to keep things interesting for both regulars and new customers. The host of items, either back on the menu or entirely new, includes Avocado Ebi ($3), a luscious shrimp and avocado sushi; Saba ($3), featuring slices of mackerel marinated in vinegar; Namasu ($2.40), a refreshing vegetable-based palate cleansing condiment; and Crawfish Salad ($3), a creamy mix of seafood served gunkan-style.

To finish, consider some eye-catching sweet treats, such as locally made Oreo Cupcakes and soft Coconut Mochi.

Genki Sushi

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