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November 16, 2014

Story By: Andy Beth Miller | Photos by: Nathalie Walker

When it comes to admiration and appreciation, British poet Rudyard Kipling was an eloquent and enthusiastic expert. In fact, one of his best-known works of literature entitled Mandalay, lavishes high praise upon this, the last royal capital of Burma.

And while, granted, much of the poem focuses on the author being completely smitten — weak-kneed and wooed by the physical beauty of the local Burmese women, I’d wager a bold bet that the young romantic also swooned over Mandalay’s many attractively edible delicacies.

Paying homage to just such inspired cuisine, The Mandalay, located in the heart of Downtown Honolulu, pleases diners’ palates with Cantonese, as well as Hong Kong-style offerings — all within one of Oahu’s most elegant eateries.

Daily, one will find the restaurant filled with the vibrant and bustling energy of satisfied diners, from friends and families gathering to celebrate a special occasion to the business professionals meeting for a delicious working lunch. Here are just a few of the inspired (and vegetarian-approved) options The Mandalay is serving up this week:

Vegetarian Roll ($3.50) is an entree comprised of two servings of tofu, bean curd, black mushroom and baby corn bundled with love in a wrapping of won bok. Not only a great value for the price, these hand-held helpings are healthy, wholesome, and not to mention gluten-free and vegan approved.

Pleasantly surprised by such an accommodating dish, Veg N Out asked The Mandalay’s manager Linda Chan about the item, which she explains is just one of many that the restaurant offers in order to cater to its growing health-conscious clientele.

“Today, more and more people are looking for gluten-free and vegan items — and we want to serve them exactly what they are looking for,” says Chan.

Also gluten-free and vegan, Broccoli with Shredded Tofu ($10.95) features the perfect pairing of crunch and smunch — steamed broccoli with shredded tofu and carrots swathed in a potato starch-based broth. Comforting and satisfying, this is a dish that nurtures from within.

The Mandalay also is announcing its Thanksgiving Buffet, featuring a spread of both vegetarian and carnivorous cuisine. Call ahead for reservations, as this soiree will sell out fast.

And after sampling these savory dishes, you won’t have any qualms about heeding Kipling’s call: “Come you back to Mandalay.”

The Mandalay

1055 Alakea St., Honolulu
Open daily, 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Honolulu, HI 96813

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