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April 13, 2014

Story By: Michelle Lee | Photos by: Nathalie Walker

In the world of patisserie, nothing is as highly regarded as one’s wedding cake. Often planned months in advance, the sugary confection has come a long way in recent years. With wedding season upon us, famed pastry shop Cake Works invites all to bring their best and brightest ideas for a sweet collaboration of a lifetime.

To begin the process, Cake Works offers a comprehensive Cake Tasting ($20) where couples can sample a variety of different flavors and cake styles, including gluten-free options. “The tasting allows you to sample some of our most top-selling flavors in the form of mini cupcakes and chiffon cake slices,” says chef and owner Abigail Langlas. “Afterwards, a consultation follows, and you can discuss all the details and compare prices.” Popular flavors include Strawberry Guava, Devil’s Food, Lilikoi, Red Velvet, Mocha Macadamia, and Strawberries and Cream.

Using a combination of advanced technical baking skills and decorating artistry, Cake Works delivers a final product that is sure to please.

“There is definitely two sides to the kind of baking we do here,” explains Langlas. “As much as the cake needs to taste fresh and flavorful, it needs to also be visually stunning and match the wedding itself.”

Most recently, the bakery’s Great Gatsby-Inspired Four Tier Cake ($1500) received much praise from onlookers at a wedding expo. Layered with Lilikoi, Strawberry Guava, Chocolate Caramel Decadence and Mocha Macadamia cake, the creation showcased a variety of decorating techniques, from textured fondant to chocolate drops reminiscent of pearls.

With a team of qualified senior and junior decorators on staff, Cake Works welcomes clients to exercise complete creativity when designing their dream cake. “While having a budget as well as a few stylistic details in mind is always helpful,” adds Langlas. “No idea is too big or too small.”

Cake Works

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