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February 2, 2014

Story By: Rachel Breit | Photos by: Rachel Breit

Where our eyes go, our tongues follow. It is this zen-like philosophy that Genki Sushi subscribes to, down to a T — green tea, in fact — providing a haven for sushi and “see” food enthusiasts.

The kaiten-style sushi eatery delivers with a revolving belt of small plates within reach. See anything you like?

One plate that reels customers back in to Genki is Spicy Tuna ($2.80). Perhaps this particular item needs no introduction. It’s the standout seller at Genki. “Our recipe is popular because of the flavor,” says David Moon, director of purchasing.

Besides the obvious, another important ingredient in the spicy tuna is the Best Foods mayo. According to Moon, back in the late ’90s, Genki pioneered mixing the creamy condiment in with the fish, ichimi (Japanese chili pepper flakes) and sesame oil. The dab of fattiness tempers the chili’s warming heat and melds the flavors together.

Spicy tuna is served in a number of ways to satisfy all fans — in the volcano roll, spicy tempura roll, even in a bowl — but purists may prefer the gunkan style, where cubes of ahi are cradled on a vinegared rice ball, wrapped in a thin sheet of nori. A garnish of green onion complements the tuna in both color and flavor.

Spicy tuna is clearly a catch at Genki, but if you’re in the mood for something more novel, Bacon Roll ($3.80) is for you. Skeptical about the concept of bacon and sushi? Moon assures it’s a good fit. “Bacon goes with everything. You’ll find out when you eat one.” For the roll, creamy crab, avocado, cucumber and apple-wood smoked bacon are wrapped rice-side out and topped with another strip of bacon. The verdict? The creamy plus smoky flavors and mix of textures — crispy pork and supple rice – may just be the next big thing.

On a roll with sushi, but craving a slight detour? Go for something with crunch. Vegetable Spring Rolls ($2.20) — one of Genki’s many vegetarian options — feature a harmony of carrots, cabbage, green beans, mushrooms and onions wrapped up tightly in a crispy skin, served with sweet chili sauce.

Genki Sushi’s convenience and abundance of fresh sushi and more, makes it a given for a quick, affordable lunch. And starting Feb. 1, customers receive a scratch-off card with each purchase that includes chance to win free items like a fountain drink, red plate or green plate.

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