Zippy’s Lights Up the Holidays With Festive Specials

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December 8, 2013

Story By: Yu Shing Ting | Photos by: Leah Friel

Since opening its first location near McCully in 1966, Zippy’s has become an iconic restaurant of Hawaii. It’s a place locals rely on for good food and fast service at all hours of the day. It’s often one of the first stops for visitors and returning residents craving a taste of Island comfort food. And it’s become an Island tradition for countless potlucks and special occasions, including the busy winter holiday season.

For example, Zippy’s pupu platters, local favorites at any gathering, are a great choice for your holiday parties. The establishment even has a platter called Local Favorites ($28.95) consisting of chicken katsu, teriyaki beef, hot dog, Portuguese sausage and fried hoki. You also can choose just Chicken Katsu ($22.95), Korean Fried Chicken ($34.95), Fried Noodles ($24.50) or Spam Musubi ($18.25). These popular pupu platters are available at all Zippy’s locations at any time. Prices may vary at locations, and call at least one hour in advance to place your order.

There also is a special Holiday Sushi Platter ($29.95) with 40 pieces of maki, 12 pieces of cucumber, 12 pieces of takuan and 10 pieces of inari sushi, available for pickup through Dec. 31 at all Oahu locations, and Jan. 1 at select locations (Ewa, Kahala, Kaneohe, Kapolei, Koko Marina, Makiki, Mililani, Pearlridge, Vineyard and Waiau). It’s also available through Dec. 31 at the Kahului location for $32.50.

And just for New Year’s, Zippy’s again offers Konbu Maki ($10.95, six pieces) made with pork, carrots and gobo wrapped with konbu and kanpyo; Namasu (2-pound Zip Meal for $12.95 or 7-pound barrel for $39.95), which is Japanese pickled vegetables including cucumber, carrots and daikon (radish); and Chicken Nishime (2-pound Zip Meal for $14.95 or 7-pound barrel for $44.95), a tasty Japanese stew that has chicken, konyaku, carrots, sataimo (taro balls), renken (lotus root), gobo, bamboo shoots and shiitake mushrooms.

“Customers were asking for these dishes — the nishime and konbu maki — those are the real humbug items to make,” says marketing manager Jeanine Mamiya-Kalahiki, noting that Zippy’s started offering these New Year’s specials about four years ago. “It just kind of takes the stress out of the holidays, especially because these items are tedious and time-consuming to make, so they can just order and pick up from us. Also, ours is a more traditional style, so they really like it.”

The Konbu Maki, Namasu and Chicken Nishime are available for pick-up on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day only, and at select locations (Kapolei, Vineyard, Makiki, Waiau, Pearlridge, Kaneohe, Kahala, Koko Marina, Ewa and Mililani — these are the only locations that will be open Jan. 1 starting at 10 a.m., except Pearlridge, which will open at 8 a.m.). All Zippy’s restaurants will be open New Year’s Eve, however, the dining room will close at 3 p.m. and the fast food counter and bakery will close at 5 p.m.

Prepayment is required when placing your order for these special New Year’s offerings. Order online (for Oahu pickups only) by Dec. 24 at www.zippys.com, or by phone at 973-0880 through Dec. 27, 5 p.m. Phone order hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. You also can pay in person at the locations listed above where the New Year’s items will be available for pickup.

Zippy’s also has some Christmas specials available Dec. 24 and 25 from 10:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. at its dine-in restaurants and fast food counter. The menu includes Roast Turkey ($10.75 in the restaurant, $9.40 at the counter), Baked Ham with Rum Raisin Sauce ($9.50 restaurant, $8.25 counter), Roast Turkey Baked Ham Combo ($11.90 restaurant, $10.35 counter), Grilled Salmon with Crab & Artichoke Sauce ($14.95, restaurant only) and Prime Rib ($18.50, restaurant only). Prices may vary per location. All Zippy’s restaurants are open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, except for Pearlridge and Hilo, which will be closed Christmas Day.

And if you’re still looking for that perfect gift, Zippy’s gift cards (available in denominations from $5 to $100) are always great for anyone on your list. From now through Dec. 31, purchase $50 in Zippy’s gift cards and receive a free $5 Zippy’s coupon. Throughout December, Zippy’s also will have gift card kiosks at select locations for added convenience.

With 23 locations on Oahu, plus one in Kahului and one in Hilo, you’re sure to find a Zippy’s in your neighborhood. And with most conveniently open 24 hours a day, you can stop in any time you wish.

As for those who were affected by the recent renovations of the Vineyard location near Chinatown, it reopened Nov. 4 after being closed for seven months. In addition to a refreshed look inside and out, it also offers a new Hot & Fresh station in its Napoleon’s Bakery, serving additional pastries and desserts, such as malasadas, andagi and jin dui, prepared fresh in-store. Other locations with Hot & Fresh are Zippy’s Ewa, Kailua, Kapolei, Koko Marina, Makiki, Mililani, Wahiawa, Pearlridge, Hilo and Maui.


There are 23 locations on Oahu, 1 in Kahului and 1 in Hilo
*Most are open 24 hours daily, visit www.zippys.com for specific locations and times
For more information, call 973-0880

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