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October 27, 2013

Story By: Nicole Monton | Photos by: Tony Grillo

Family-run business Larry’s Bakery has been known to generations of locals as the go-to spot for excellent baked goods fitting for any special occasion. This year, Halloween is no exception.

The staff at Larry’s Bakery knows that Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a few scary treats to top it all off.

Pumpkin Butter Mochi ($2 per piece) arrives just in time for the holiday season, and co-owner Iris Yafuso-Toguchi says this special treat is only available during October and November.

This is great news to Larry’s loyal patrons, who are thrilled to know Pumpkin Butter Mochi will return again this year for the second time.

The establishment also has new arrivals that Yafuso-Toguchi is excited to share with customers.

Those who are fans of the bakery’s butter log will enjoy the festive Halloween Butter Log ($5), which is boo-tified with seasonal colors.

“It’s kind of like a chiffon cake rolled with sugar and butter,” explains Yafuso-Toguchi. “It’s the same kind of cake like jelly rolls but inside is a butter and sugar filling.”

Orange sugar coats this sweet treat, while its interior is filled with a creamy butter and sugar mixture rolled between layers of cake.

This year also marks the debut of Monster Donuts ($1.75 each). These kid-friendly treats feature a traditional glazed donut with vampire teeth and eyes made from royal icing.

“We used to do it for my nieces and nephews, but we never sold it,” Yafuso-Toguchi says.

In addition to these Halloween treats, Larry’s Bakery also has an assortment of cookies perfect for the upcoming holiday.

“We have several new cookies this year,” Yafuso-Toguchi explains, “like fangs, frosting blood and we got a smaller Frankenstein this year.”

Goodie bags (known as Googlie Eye Bags at Larry’s) are only $3.95 each and feature ghoulish cartoons and googlie eyes. Deco Clip Goodie Packages are $2.95, Cookie Boxes are $6.50 each, and Spam Cans are only $6. All of the containers are filled with yummy treats everyone will love.

Larry’s Bakery has tons of spooky treats to perfect your Halloween experience, and Yafuso-Toguchi says calling to order is the best way to guarantee you get the sweets you desire.

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