September Specials Delight at Jade Dynasty

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September 1, 2013

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: Nathalie Walker

As September shifts into gear, Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant is offering a slew of savory specials featuring flavors of the season.

Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant makes it a priority to satisfy its growing customer base by constantly adding new menu items, many of which are influenced by the cuisine in both China and Hong Kong. The evolving menu keeps customers coming back to see what lies in store, and the culinary creativity continues to delight diners.

Conveniently located at Hookipa Terrace on Ala Moana Center’s fourth floor, Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant serves up award-winning dining in a warm, inviting atmosphere featuring dark wood accents and intricately crafted chandeliers. The Escoffier Society’s Asia Pacific Region named the restaurant “Best Chinese Restaurant in Hawaii.” The Five-Star Diamond Award of Excellence was presented to Jade Dynasty in 2012, and comes from the prestigious culinary group that boasts a history dating back to 1936.

“Our sister restaurants in Hong Kong and China always have something new depending on the season, so we try to do that here, too,” says general manager Gary Chan.

Chan and his friendly staff are proud to introduce a collection of new dishes to both first-time and loyal customers at Jade Dynasty. Four Seasons Baked Mochi ($5.50 for four pieces, available at lunch only) features an elegant quartet of morsels that pay homage to a year’s worth of bold flavors. The tasty mochi represent spring (green skin, black sugar filling), summer (yellow skin, lotus and egg cream filling), fall (purple skin, egg and taro filling) and winter (white or “snow-like” skin, peanut and coconut flake filling).

“The mochi are alternatives to moon cake,” which Chan explains is a traditional treat enjoyed concurrently with the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, which celebrates the time of the year when the moon is at its roundest and brightest. “We try to add new items every month depending on which ingredients are fresh and in season, so you will constantly see something new on the menu,” Chan says of the eatery that is capable of hosting up to 300 people. He also encourages customers to celebrate birthdays, business functions and other special events in either the main dining room or one of the private dining areas.

Dining Out readers are also encouraged to reel in a new lunch appetizer available at Jade Dynasty, dubbed Prawn Salad Spring Rolls ($4.95 for two rolls). The traditional spring roll concept includes an alluring green apple cream sauce that provides a tart counter to the sweet, plump prawns.

Shrimp and Bitter Melon Egg Fu Yung ($14.95 at lunch and dinner) is quickly becoming a favorite of Jade Dynasty’s guests, as the new item incorporates the unique melon flavor that is now in season. The dish resembles a scrambled omelet, as perfectly cooked egg, shrimp and thin bitter melon slices all meld to create a bold flavor profile.

Customers also rave about Sizzling Black Bean Fish Filet ($18.95), which is served piping hot on a sizzling platter. Flavors from the zesty black bean and onion sauce permeate the tender white fish, usually basa — a popular variety of catfish — filet. The aforementioned specials are available throughout September, and possibly longer depending on customer demand.

Stay tuned for upcoming holiday specials as Jade Dynasty strives to fulfill diners’ tastes and culinary cravings.

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