Sandwiches, Smoothies to Brighten the Day

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September 8, 2013

Story By: Jaimie Kim Farinas | Photos by: Nathalie Walker

In the middle of a busy day, the best sorts of pick-me-ups are those that don’t require too much time or effort. Sometimes, it comes with the added bonus of being a sugary confection, perfect to shoo away mid-day blues.

Enter HI Sandwich & Drink where its smoothies, and bubble and milk tea offerings will satisfy any sweet tooth. Plus, its extensive sandwich varieties are great for lunchtime needs.

Bite into the Meatball Sandwich ($6) and experience a crunch bursting with flavors that have become a signature of Vietnamese-style sandwiches. The pickled white onions and carrots are made by owner Kim Nguyen. The sandwich also is filled with sliced cucumbers and parsley, and is served on French bread. For 50 cents more, you may request a croissant.

As for its drinks, don’t let the combinations and varieties daunt you. Use it as an excuse to come back for more, so that you’ll be able to try all the flavor variations and different accompaniments.

Taro Smoothie ($4.95) remains popular with customers, and is one that Nguyen enjoys. Plus, it’s made with real taro.

“I really like to drink taro smoothies, but most other restaurants make it with powder,” she says.

After Nguyen steams the taro, it is blended with sugar, cream, ice cream and ice.

If you’re looking to be a little more adventurous, HI Sandwich & Drink has one item on the menu that is, well, self-professed as “crazy.”

Crazy Drink Dessert ($4.75) is a variety of different types of fruits and jellies, in addition to colored tapioca, mung beans, red beans, coconut milk and half-and-half, among others.

A special treat the restaurant is offering: Until the end of the month, all bubble tea drinks served over ice are 20 percent off. This does not include any of the restaurant’s milk teas.

HI Sandwich & Drink

Waimalu Shopping Center
98-042 Kamehameha Hwy., Aiea
Open daily, 10 a.m.–9 p.m.

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