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August 25, 2013

Story By: Dining Out Team |

Living in a melting pot of cultures, we already understand how mixing two different things together often results in something better. Enter the croissant doughnut, a hybrid (or “hybread,” if you will), which is the latest craze in the world of pastry. In this case, the “hole” is greater than the sum of its parts. In fact, people travel from around the world to New York City and wait up to five hours for a bite of the original flaky, doughnut-shaped confection created by Chef Dominique Ansel.

Not planning on taking a trip to New York in the near future? Don’t feel like waiting in line for hours? Saint-Germain’s Bakery’s new Ala Moana location is your best bet right here at home. The bakery opened in May, and exclusively offers its own Croissant Donut, both as a plain version and one with custard cream sandwiched in between. Bakery spokesman Norikazu Miyata hints that new flavors may be coming up, “like a chocolate cream.” The new location’s chic boutique-like elegance is also worth a look. For more information, call 955-1711.

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