Genki Goes High-Tech With New Sushi Delivery System

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July 14, 2013

Story By: Alana Folen | Photos by: Leah Friel

Japan’s diverse sushi culture has taken over the world, and Genki Sushi has been rolling out the best in kaiten-style sushi for more than two decades. Now, after three months of renovation, Genki Sushi’s Ala Moana establishment recently unveiled its first touch-screen order double-rail delivery system.

Genki Sushi’s Ala Moana restaurant presents its new double-rail delivery system.

This popular concept originated in Japan, and Hawaii is the first state in the nation to introduce this revolutionary technology to its customers, which makes ordering from the menu a breeze.

“Genki Sushi USA Inc. is honored to bring our innovative technological sushi double rail system to the U.S. at our beautiful newly renovated Ala Moana Center restaurant,” says Yasumasa Sudo, president of Genki Sushi USA Inc. and senior managing director of Genki Sushi Co. Ltd. “Our customers now instantly can order their favorite sushi on a wireless touch-screen panel and quickly enjoy their order with our speedy Bullet Express delivery system.”

Genki Ala Moana patrons will continue to be presented with tried-and-true sushi creations, which total to around 60 sushi classics, including nigiri style, gukan style and the traditional sushi roll. Once patrons are seated by Genki’s friendly staff, a touch-screen panel before them will allow the opportunity to scroll through the vast menu from the convenience of their seats and select up to four orders at a time.

“Once guests place their order it should take less than a minute for their order to arrive via a bullet train, F-1 race car, surf board, space shuttle or kayiki fish on the revolving conveyor belt.” says director of purchasing David Moon, who previously travelled to Genki’s Japan headquarters to learn about the double-rail sushi delivery system. “As customers are waiting for their food, they can play a quick game on the touch panel.”

Of course, Genki’s servers will be on hand to assist gladly if needed, and also will deliver personally all soups and other delicate dishes to the table.

“The new system will improve the speed of service and delivery to our customers,” Moon says. “It’s proven to be very successful in Japan, so it should be no different here in Hawaii.”

“It’s exciting! This new concept will make it easier for people to order their own food and there should-n’t be any mistakes,” adds Genki Ala Moana manager Jeremiah Gualdarama.

Whether patrons choose to dine-in or take-out, Genki Sushi centers around family, immediate service, ultimate satisfaction and affordable prices. All plates are colored with a ring around them and priced accordingly — yellow ($1.65), green ($2.35), red ($2.95), silver ($3.95) and black ($4.95).

And although kaiten-style sushi can be deemed a “fast-food” sushi of sorts, Genki Sushi’s fare is of the highest quality, as the restaurant employs chefs who go through up to a year of extensive training.

According to Moon, sushi featuring the standard ahi or salmon are top picks among patrons, including Spicy Tempura Roll ($4.95), a shrimp tempura roll topped with spicy tuna; Fried Spicy Roll ($3.95), a deep-fried spicy tuna roll drizzled with unagi sauce and spicy sauce; Ahi Salmon Nigiri ($2.95); Salmon Nigiri ($2.95); and Maguro Nigiri ($3.95).

Other customer favorites are Calamari, Soy Beans, Teriyaki Bowl and Rainbow Roll, which consists of crab mayo, maguro, salmon and morsels of avocado.

“Although sushi is what we’re best known for, Genki does offer other items as well,” he adds. “We have a few dessert selections that we’ve added to our repertoire, such as Teriyaki Ice Cream, which is vanilla ice cream with an azuki bean filling and waffle cone exterior.”

Genki Sushi is one of the fastest growing sushi empires in Asia and the Pacific. Currently, there are more than 140 Genki Sushi stores in Japan, and 71 spread throughout China, Indonesia, Kuwait, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Here at home, Genki Sushi USA Inc. operates 13 restaurants in the Islands, with nine locations on Oahu, two on Maui, one in Kona and one in Kukui Grove. Other U.S. establishments include three restaurants in Washington State and one in California.

Keeping up with the times and technological advances, Genki Ala Moana is optimistically eager about what its newand-improved ordering system will bring.

“The touch-screen delivery system adds a nice flair to the kaiten sushi market. It’s an innovative concept that we hope to bring to the other Genki restaurants on Oahu in the near future,” Moon says.

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