Let the Festive-Eats Begin!

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April 21, 2013

Story By: Ali Resich | Photos by: Rachel Breit

When celebrating any occasion, whether it’s a birthday party or a holiday gathering, I’m sure you’ll agree that a good spread of edibles — especially desserts — is crucial. That’s why sweet delights from Larry’s Bakery have been in demand on joyous days since the 1960s. With Administrative Professionals Day (also known as Admin. Day; April 24), Mother’s Day (May 12) and graduation season approaching, now is the perfect time to stop into the mom-and-pop shop to prepare for the festivities.

Say mahalo to your coworkers for their hard work with one of Larry’s Admin. Day goodies. You can purchase miniature cakes ($3.95 to 6.95) — available in red velvet, chocolate, vanilla and white or chocolate chantilly — that both men and women will appreciate, as well as an assortment of decorated cookies ($1.75 to $4).

The bakery puts a unique twist on its gift items as well with Admin. Day Spam Cans ($6 each), in which empty Spam tins are repurposed into treasure troves of sweets.

“It’s a recycled item,” explains co-owner Iris Yafuso, “so we decorate up the Spam can and it holds one brownie, a bag of cookies and a candy.”

These Spam-tastic gift ideas also are available for Mother’s Day, along with other fun, girly treats for Mom. The Mother’s Day Cupcake Bouquet ($34.95; available in window box as well) features a colorful arrangement of six cupcakes in any combination of vanilla, chocolate and/or red velvet varieties that you please. They are finished with Larry’s glorious butter-cream frosting and festive decorations.

“You can give us your mom’s favorite colors and we can try and match it to that,” says Yafuso when describing her customized bouquets.

The shop also will present assorted Mother’s Day cookies ($1.50 to $4.50), miniature cakes ($3.95 to 6.95) and “cutesy” envelope shortbread cookies ($4.95 each) to give to any maternal figure in your life.

Mother’s Day Purses ($12.95 to $22.95) include a range of yummy bites in many shapes and sizes. “They’re all handmade craft items and we fill goodies inside,” says Yafuso. “We have mini lilikoi loaves, mini pineapple macadamia nut loaves, brownies, assorted cookies, mini cinnamon twists — all minis of our most popular items.”

Graduation season brings its own exciting eats such as Cookie Lei ($25 to $35) made with 12 shortbread flower cookies. For $30, you can include sports-themed cookies on the lei, and for $35, you can include special characters such as Hello Kitty or Spider Man.

Individual cookies ($2.50 to $4) as well as Cookie Lanyards (starting at $7.95) also are perfect for graduates.

For any or all of these sweet treats, Yafuso recommends calling Larry’s at your earliest convenience to place an order.

Larry’s Bakery

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