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April 14, 2013

Story By: Nicole Monton | Photos by: Rachel Breit

There’s nothing quite like beachfront dining, and at Ocean House in Outrigger Reef Hotel the staff here serves up desserts to be enjoyed in the sunny Hawaiian weather or during the pleasant evenings paired with the sound of the ocean waves.

Ocean House has a number of desserts on the menu, including Uncle Moki’s Chocolate Lava Flow Cake ($10).

Chocolate chip fudge cake houses a warm, gooey chocolate center, and vice president and general manager David Nagaishi says that this will cure even the biggest chocolate fixation.

“It just melts,” he explains of the chocolate-filled inside. “It’s not gushing, but it’s nice and melted and very tasty.”

Poached D’Anjou Pear ($9) also is on the menu and features pears poached in Sauvignon Blanc and cinnamon served with a puff pastry, vanilla ice cream and creme anglaise.

Home Style Croissant Bread Pudding ($9) is made in traditional bread pudding-style and includes cream, as well as rum raisins and macadamia nuts — and yes, it comes with vanilla bean ice cream.

It’s evident why fruits adorn the dessert menu at Ocean House, when taking a bite out of creations such as Apple and Blueberry Walnut Cobbler ($10).

Apple cobbler is topped with walnuts and also includes blueberries and rum raisins. The perfect fruit dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Ocean House also features a Warm Banana Crumb Cake ($10). But keep in mind this is no ordinary crumb cake. It’s soy and gluten-free. Yes, you read correctly.

“It is so good, too, that you’d never know it was soy and gluten-free,” Nagaishi says. “A lot of people who eat gluten-free cannot eat a lot of desserts, but we do our best to cater to them. They definitely won’t go hungry.”

The crumb cake is served with vanilla bean ice cream and a strawberry coulis.

Enjoying these sweet treats while watching the waves fall back and forth over the shore — it doesn’t get much better than that.

Ocean House

Outrigger Reef Hotel
2169 Kalia Road, Honolulu
Breakfast: 7–11 a.m. Dinner: 5–10 p.m. daily

Honolulu, HI 96815

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