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April 21, 2013

Story By: Yu Shing Ting | Photos by: Nathalie Walker

I’ve always found the lingering smell of fresh-baked bread to be simply irresistible. It’s one advantage bakeries have in getting people through their doors. But at Fendu Boulangerie in Manoa, there are many more reasons to stop in than just the aroma.

Since its opening four years ago, the European-style bakery has become a popular place for not only homemade bread, but also its menu of gourmet sandwiches, brick-oven pizzas, mouth-watering pastries, including its signature chocolate croissants, and more.

Always keeping the customers in mind, chef/owner Niel Koep has introduced a new country loaf made of a wheat rye blend that is very popular in Europe, called miche ($5.75 per loaf).

“Customers were asking for a bread that was denser and heavier and I knew miche would fit the bill,” he explains. “It has a thin, crispy crust and a dense interior. It’s excellent for sandwiches, such as pastrami or Italian meats, and also is very good with strong flavored cheeses such as aged bleus. And it has heavy sour dough accents.”

Also new on the menu is Japanese Eggplant “Lasagna” ($9.75, $5.25 petite) which has all the classic tastes of a lasagna minus the pasta. Inside are layers of Japanese eggplant, tomato marinara sauce and three cheeses (parmigiano reggiano, fresh mozzarella and fresh ricotta), as well as layers of fresh basil seasoned with Hawaiian salt, black pepper and roasted garlic.

For dessert, Valrhona Caraibe Dark Chocolate Mousse with Lilikoi Sauce ($5.75) is a must. The sweet lilikoi sauce sits at the bottom, while the chocolate mousse whipped with high-quality Valrhona chocolate from France and a garnish of cocoa nibs is at the top.

“I’m also looking to expand our food-to-take-home options to fit Honolulu’s busy lifestyle,” says Koep, noting that the bakery uses natural ingredients with no added chemicals and no hydrogenated shortenings.

From the moment you step in to the last bite you take, Fendu Boulangerie is sure to awaken your senses and satisfy your cravings.

Fendu Boulangerie

Manoa Marketplace
2752 Woodlawn Drive #511
Monday-Saturday, 7:30 a.m.-7 p.m.
Sunday, 7:30 a.m.-3 p.m.

Honolulu, HI 96822

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