A Sticky Treat Unveiled at Larry’s

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March 3, 2013

Story By: Dining Out Team | Photos by: Rachel Breit


Warning: The white box from Larry’s Bakery sitting in your car’s passenger seat is going to drive you crazy. You’re going to glance over at it, making sure it’s still there, while devising schemes on how to overcome the taped flaps and wondering if anyone will notice the crumb trail if you do open it. Will the next red light afford you enough time to rip into the fortress and get at the sweet, sticky loot that’s clouding your car with fresh-baked olfactory heaven?

But wait, we at Dining Out do not recommend eating while driving; please consume responsibly. Practicing patience (i.e., not yielding to boxed temptations until upon arrival at intended destinations) offers greater rewards.

“Oh my gosh, what are these things? They are the most amazing things I’ve ever put in my mouth,” your coworkers will sing. “Outstanding,” your boss will declare. You will be the office star of the morning.

So what are these things worthy of such desire and praise?

Butter Roll Sticky Buns — simply explained by Lance Yafuso, president of Larry’s Bakery: “They are butter rolls that we’ve turned into sticky buns.” A “honey-bee topping” of honey, brown sugar and butter goes into the bottom of a muffin pan, then butter rolls are put in, left to raise and baked. “So when you flip them over you get the topping on top.”

Butter rolls start with a bread dough (Larry’s original recipe used as a base for all the breads) that is rolled out, topped with butter, and then folded on top of itself. “Anytime you fold dough like that, you get layers and flakiness,” says Yafuso.

The tender, flaky layers coupled with the caramel-like topping result in a melt-in-your-mouth, boss-approved “outstanding” experience. And lucky for you, this different twist on the butter roll is now available for sale.

“We would make them just for us to eat, but we never sold them,” says Yafuso. “And then we tried the recipe with the butter rolls, and it was just so good.”

Butter Roll Sticky Buns are just $1.35 a pop, but be prepared to buy more than one. “I could eat like four or five of those if I were left alone with them,” says an anonymous source.

Another new item to consider: Pig in a Blanket ($1.95), not to be mistaken for Pig in a Roll, which is Portuguese sausage in a butter roll. Pig in a Blanket is a hot dog that is wrapped and baked in the same signature bread dough. Ready for instant enjoyment with or without ketchup and mustard.

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