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March 3, 2013

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: Lawrence Tabudlo

For many people, desserts are the best ending to a delicious meal, and Beachhouse at the Moana Surfrider, a Westin Resort & Spa, knows exactly how to top off a beachside meal with island flavors adorning each dish.

Hawaiian Chocolate Pot de Creme ($10) features a ginger biscotti and Hawaiian chocolate.

“We put our own spin to it,” explains sous chef Celeste Pasag. “The ginger biscotti is something that accompanies it, and the idea behind the biscotti is to dip it and have it soak up the chocolate.”

At first, the dessert was featured only during the evening as an a la carte item, but because it gained popularity the restaurant included a smaller version of it to its tea service.

Cheesecake lovers need not fear, though, as Beachhouse also features a Lemon Cheesecake ($10) with guava crust served with roasted pineapple and caramel.

Pasag says this dessert is by far the most requested, and the light texture makes it perfect to share or eat all by yourself.

“Everybody is so health conscious now and carb conscious that we wanted to offer an alternative aside from our fruit plate, which is the default for everyone,” she says, noting that this dessert has a tangy flavor.

The crust is made from Kauai Kookie Kompany’s cookies, and is not the typical heavy New York cheesecake everyone expects.

Chocolaholics will love Chocolate Decadence ($12) with a lilikoi ganache made with Hawaiian chocolate.

“We tried to omit it from our menu, but the next day everyone was asking for it, and we couldn’t just leave it off the menu,” Pasag says.

And it’s a good thing they didn’t. This molten lava cake exudes a warm and gooey inside that will warm you down to your toes.

These three desserts are made in-house and incorporate many local ingredients.

Pasag explains that the restaurant also changes the menu about every three months in order to incorporate seasonal fruits, whether it be mango, lilikoi or guava.

“We try to utilize everything that we have here in the Islands to promote the indigenous surroundings,” she says. “And that’s what Westin’s all about. It’s about renewing and refreshing.”

Beachhouse at the Moana Surfrider

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