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February 10, 2013

Story By: Nicole Monton | Photos by: Rachel Breit

Hawaiian Fried Ice Cream ($5.50)

Hawaiian Fried Ice Cream ($5.50)

Since 1969, Wailana Coffee House has given locals and tourists alike amazing meals that warm the soul and put smiles on faces.

With all the hearty helpings, it might be hard to save room for dessert. But Dining Out is here to tell you about some amazing end-of-the-meal treats that will ensure you leave room in your tummy at the end of your meal.

Banana Lumpia ($5.50) is filled with apple bananas that are slightly baked before being rolled in lumpia wrappers and deep-fried.

“This is a popular item,” says general manager Kenton Tom. “I like Banana Lumpia. And if you add ice cream, how can you lose with that?”

It’s a classic a la mode spin on this popular traditional Filipino dish.

Everyone loves a little (or a lot of) ice cream. And if you’re one of these people, Hawaiian Fried Ice Cream ($5.50) will set your heart aflutter.

“We portion out the ice cream and make it really hard in the freezer,” Tom explains. “Then we batter it, and we use cracker bread meal before deep-frying.”

It’s an astounding mix of warm and cold, while the cracker bread meal coating adds a hearty texture to each bite.

High Rise ($5.25)

High Rise ($5.25)

High Rise ($5.25) is a little more complicated, as it contains watermelon sherbet, orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream under a bed of meringue.

“The secret about this is that when you eat it, it doesn’t all melt on you at once,” Tom says of Wailana’s classic dessert. “The chefs put in their own personal touch.”

And after taking a gander at this elaborate dessert, which indeed does resemble a high rise with its towering presence, you’ll realize that there is a lot of love and professionalism that goes into this dish.

“We’ve had this one for a long time,” Tom adds. “It’s been the standard dessert, and it’s so refreshing with all the sherbets.”

Well, that was a lot of sweetness in one article, and there’s more where that came from. Just head down to Wailana Coffee House the next chance you get and see for yourself.

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