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November 18, 2012

Story By: Alana Folen | Photos by: Lawrence Tabudlo

It’s a sweet thing at Napoleon’s Bakery, and there’s no better time of year than Thanksgiving to partake in slice after slice of decadent pies and melt-in-your-mouth cakes. Will you soon be making the rounds at numerous holiday parties? Well, Napoleon’s sinful delights are the perfect date.

“Each month we like to feature a couple new items, and since it’s November, it only makes sense to feature none other than pumpkin (items) and, of course, we go all out with our selection because of the holidays,” says Jay Crisologo, creative specialist for Napoleon’s Bakery. “This year we brought back all of our pumpkin favorites and our regular assortment as well.”

Among these Thanksgiving specialties are Pumpkin Chiffon Pie ($9.95*) and Pumpkin Coffee Cake Square ($1.65* each). Pumpkin Chiffon Pie is a twist on the traditional pumpkin pie and features a light, creamy and smooth texture of a chiffon pie. As for Pumpkin Coffee Cake Square, this morsel of heaven presents patrons with a moist pumpkin cake striped with cream cheese filling and streusel crumbs.

And whether you’re counting carbs or watching your weight or sugar intake — you’re in luck — desserts with less or no sugar also are available especially for you. Select from guilt-free options such as Pumpkin Pie with Equal Sweetener and Pumpkin Delite Cake.

According to Crisologo, Pumpkin Pie with Equal Sweetener ($10.95*) is a baked pumpkin pie made with a sugar-free crust. The only added sugar is found in the whipped cream topping. And there’s a lot to dish about when it comes to Napoleon’s Bakery Pumpkin Delite Cake ($14.35*), a 6-inch cake flavored with pumpkin and spice, and layered with sugar-free vanilla pudding, then iced with a cinnamon-flavored sugar-free vanilla whipped topping.

“During the holiday season many want to enjoy the best part of the meal — desserts — but can’t because they are concerned about their sugar intake, so here at Napoleon’s we try to let them have in on the fun with sugar-free options available especially for them,” explains Crisologo, noting that Napoleon’s Thanksgiving specials are available at all Oahu Napoleon’s Bakery locations, however, Napoleon’s Bakery Kahului is only offering Pumpkin Chiffon Pie, regular baked Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Coffee Cake Square.

Of course, you don’t have to be diabetic or limiting your sugar intake to enjoy these tasty treats, but the fact that it’s better for you, Crisologo says, is just icing on the cake.

“Production greatly increases during the holidays,” he adds. “Napoleon’s Bakery has a large assortment of delicacies to choose from. Some people may have forgotten about our Haupia Chocolate Cake ($14.35*). It was a featured item last year and it was a hot commodity, so we decided to include it as part of our everyday selection.”

Other bakery classics include Chantilly Cake ($16.95*), Peach Bavarian Cake ($14.35*), Dream Cake ($15.75*) and the establishment’s best-seller Dobash Cake ($14.35*).

“All of our cakes are very affordable and we have a nice variety to choose from. We also serve a nice selection of pies such as custard, pumpkin, apple, banana cream, chocolate cream, lemon meringue and Jell-O cream pie,” says Crisologo. “Our pumpkin pie recipe has been the same since we opened our doors back in 1983.”

Fitting with the season, Pumpkin ($8.50*) and Custard ($8.50*) top the list of most sought-after pies. Customers just can’t seem to get enough of these sweet nothings.

“Our baked goods are very affordable. We use the freshest ingredients and the presentation is always very nice,” he confirms.

So, what is it that makes Napoleon’s Bakery stand out from the rest? According to Crisologo, it’s all about convenience.

“We have so many locations scattered across the island. Sometimes you may be in a rush to get a cake or pie for a party, and you can come here and pick up a homemade item in minutes.”

*Prices may vary at locations.

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