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August 5, 2012

Story By: Yu Shing Ting | Photos by: Nathalie Walker

It’s one of the sayings you’ll find on a T-shirt at Larry’s Bakery in Salt Lake: “So Good It’s Worth The Muffin Top.” And after trying a few of its pastries, you can’t help but agree.

The bakery offers a wide assortment of hot and fresh pastries, breads, loaf cakes, decorated refrigerated cakes, cookies and desserts (such as cupcakes, parfaits and creampuffs). Some of its most popular items are the Cinnamon Twist ($1.65) and Apple Stick ($1.65), as well as its Chocolate Chantilly, Dobash and White Chantilly cakes, which are now available by the slice ($3.95 slice, $15 cake).

The family-run business prides itself in keeping founder Larry Yafuso’s treasured recipes alive with many of its offerings still created using his original recipes.

“I grew up in the bakery,” says daughter Iris Yafuso, who serves as vice president of the company. “Summer fun was in the bakery. It’s in our blood, definitely. My mom, Irene, still comes in every day. And we kept our dad (who has since passed) with us. We have his picture here, so he still overlooks the bakery.”

Larry’s Bakery opened 52 years ago in Waimalu Shopping Center before relocating to Salt Lake 14 years ago and adding a storefront three years ago. About a month ago, they joined the Momilani Farmers Market in Pearl City on Fridays and have reconnected with many customers from its early days. You also can find Larry’s cakes at Don Quijote, Waianae Store and Tamura’s Waianae.

“We always say that our bakery is old-school scratch baking,” adds Yafuso. “We don’t do the generic turnover. We do an apple stick, which is how every baker back in the day made it.”

The Apple Stick is airy with a flaky crust and just the right amount of apples inside with cinnamon on the outside. The Cinnamon Twist, Cinnamon Bread and Pound Cakes also are must-tries, and Chantilly Cake is one-of-a-kind. The original frosting is soft and light, and has just the perfect level of sweetness, and buttery flavor and texture.

Eventually, Yafuso hopes to offer all of their flavors of cakes by the slice.

“Almost all of the pastries are my dad’s recipes,” she adds. “But he also used to say that you have to keep up with the times or you’re going to be left behind, so we’ve added decorative cookies and little cupcakes (which are really popular now). And I have to watch a lot of cartoons to keep up with what’s out there (for popular party and cake themes).”

Larry’s Bakery

4369 Lawehana St. (near Target in Salt Lake)
Monday-Friday, 6 a.m.-1 p.m.
Saturdays, 6 a.m.-noon
Closed Sundays

Honolulu, HI 96818

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