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July 1, 2012

Story By: Nicole Monton |

The month of July brings about great things that are happening at Zippy’s locations nearest you, Dining Out readers. Recently, Zippy’s Restaurants was voted “Hawaii’s Best” in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser‘s “Hawaii’s Best” awards for Best Bento, Best Late-Night Eatery and Best Bakery, and the establishment wants to celebrate with its patrons by providing special July offers as a “thank you.”

And with prestigious awards such as these, it’s no wonder that Zippy’s Restaurants has been labeled Hawaii’s restaurant of choice.

“We want to thank Hawaii for their patronage and supporting us through the years and for voting us the best,” says marketing manager Jeanine Mamiya-Kalahiki.

In honor of winning Best Bento, the famous Zip Pac is available at a special price ($7.99 fast food, $8.99 restaurant). It includes island favorites such as golden fried chicken, teriyaki beef, breaded fish, Spam and takuan, all over a bed of furikake-sprinkled rice. The Zip Pac is an island favorite that’s perfect for anyone who needs a delicious meal on the go if you’re heading to the beach to soak up that summer sun.

Zippy’s also has combined two amazing meals into one mixed plate. Spaghetti and Chicken Mixed Plate ($5.99 fast food, $6.99 restaurant) is a junction of the restaurant’s most popular items.

Those with a serious sweet tooth need not worry, as Napoleon’s Bakery also is joining in on the special offer promotion. Get your palates ready for Napple flavors of apple, cherry, coconut, blueberry cream cheese and chocolate, and Brownie concoctions of whole wheat, cocoa fudge with nuts and double cocoa fudge without nuts. For being voted Best Bakery, there is a buy-three-get-one-free deal on Napples ($1.75 each) and Brownies ($2.05 each).

Available in the dine-in restaurant only are two new salads that will satisfy the savory and sweet desires of your palate. Korean Chicken Salad ($9.25) is served with Zippy’s house dressing and comes with Zippy’s famous Korean fried chicken pieces, Nalo Zip greens, tomato wedges and cucumber medallions.

According to Mamiya-Kalahiki, Zippy’s comes up with seasonal salads for customers to enjoy. “Korean chicken is one of our good sellers, so we thought how about putting it in a salad.”

If you’re feeling something lighter, there also is a Fresh Strawberry Salad ($6.95), which includes fresh bite-sized strawberry slices atop Nalo Zip greens, sliced almonds and a special sweet vinaigrette dressing.

Fresh Strawberry Salad has been on the menu before as a healthier, lighter option, and it got such a great response that Zippy’s decided to bring it back. “It’s refreshing, and it’s a unique mix of ingredients,” Mamiya-Kalahiki says.

Also available in Zippy’s dine-in restaurants is the breakfast menu served 24 hours a day — and yes, this includes everything from hotcakes to French toast and waffles. To celebrate this breakfast menu extension, Zippy’s introduces its new Chicken and Waffles ($8.75). You get the best of both worlds: a hearty piece of fried chicken paired with a Belgian waffle.

Las Vegas has been called the ninth island in the Hawaiian chain, and because locals find this destination so appealing, Zippy’s Restaurants also is giving away a free trip for two each week in July – four trips in all. Not to worry though, even if you don’t win the trip, there’s still a consolation prize of a month’s supply of Zip Pacs or Napples.

“We know our residents really like that,” Mamiya-Kalahiki adds. “They love Vegas.”

Zippy’s Restaurants indeed knows its customers well, and the establishment continues to strive to provide its patrons with a memorable dining experiences — and comfort food, of course.


1725 S. King St., Honolulu (and various locations)
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NOTE: Prices are slightly higher at Zippy’s Kahului

Honolulu, HI 96826

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