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June 2, 2012

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Located in the same building as the new Safeway on the corner of South Beretania and Piikoi streets lies Asian Mix, an eatery emphasizing a plethora of Japanese, Chinese and local cuisine.

“Because of the location — the parking lot and close to a lot of businesses — we wanted to have a place where it’s convenient and affordable, and at the same time, we have the best quality of food,” says owner Daniel Leung. “When we were searching for a location and I saw all the parking lots and everything — and we were so close to the highway and downtown — we decided to settle in here.”

Asian Mix serves a variety of Asian cuisine, including Japanese bentos as well as Chinese and local entrees.

“I’ve known one of my chefs for more than 20 years; he was my partner at one of my former restaurants (Panda Cuisine),” says Leung. “So we combined that with the skills of our chef who handles our bentos and Japanese local food.”

Asian Mix recently opened May 8 and is usually the busiest during the lunch hour. But with Asian Mix’s low prices and delicious plate lunch deals, customers have been flocking to the new eatery at all times.

“The average price per customer is about $5,” Leung confirms. “We try to make everything affordable so people come in and pay the lowest price for whatever they want.”

Some of the most popular items on Asian Mix’s menu include its bentos, which are made fresh every day. Bento choices include Chicken Katsu ($5.45), Saba Fish ($5.85), Vegetarian ($4.95), Salmon ($5.85) and more.

“Every bento has a time at which we make it; it’s not like we make it once in the morning and then sell it the whole day,” he states. “Our best-selling bentos are Yakitori (Teriyaki Chicken) Bento ($3.99) and Misoyaki Butterfish Bento ($8.95).

They’re both really affordable — there’s no way you can get a Yakitori Bento for $3.99 anywhere else!”

Special Won Ton Noodle in Soup ($5) — or Won Ton Mein — at Asian Mix also is a popular item, as are the eatery’s large selection of entrees. Dishes on Asian Mix’s menu are divided into categories such as appetizers, shrimp and fish, poultry, beef/lamb/pork, vegetables and tofu, egg, rice and noodles. Popular entrees include Shrimp with Honey Roasted Walnuts ($10.95) and Orange Flavor Chicken ($7.95). A variety of roasted meats — such as the Roast Duck, Hong Kong style (half for $11) — also are available daily at Asian Mix. Asian Mix Plates — with one ($4.95), two ($6.45) or three ($7.95) choices of entrees — also are popular among customers for a reasonable and fast meal.

In addition to its vast array of dine-in and takeout entrees, Asian Mix offers catering services to its customers. Party trays with staples such as chow mein, chow fun and fried rice are sure to be a hit at your next potluck or baseball game, according to Leung. Regular trays ($22) often feed 12-plus individuals, while large trays ($32) can feed more than 20 people.

“You can order any bento in here, we can pack it up and it’s still hot by the time you pick it up,” Leung says. “You’re also able to order party trays with the a la carte menu.”

Asian Mix

  • Where
    • 1234 South Beretania Street Shop A-1
    • Honolulu, HI 96814
  • Call
    • (808) 521-1688
  • Hours
    • Open Daily
    • 10:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.

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