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May 5, 2012

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Described by its owner as a “Korean fusion” restaurant, Red House in Honolulu is a bit different from many local Korean eateries. Red House in Honolulu, located on Keeaumoku Street, is eye-catching for numerous reasons, whether it be the clean, white-and-red stylish decor of the eatery’s interior or the K-pop music videos projected onto its white walls.

“It’s (Red House in Honolulu) a little different from regular Korean barbecue,” says owner Justin Chun. “We mix the local and traditional way, so we call it Korean fusion. It (our restaurant) has a really stylish look and we have K-pop playing while you enjoy your meal.”

Red House in Honolulu opened last December and is usually the busiest during the weekends for dinner. As far as its name is concerned, “Red House” can imply what types of food you will find on the menu.

“Spice symbolizes Korean food, so ‘red’ symbolizes spice,” Chun says.

On Mother’s Day only, Chun says that Bulgogi Pizza ($12.99) — featuring Bulgogi topping on a pan-fried rice crust — will be offered free to customers.

“Bulgogi Pizza is a popular dish,” says Chun. “We use crispy rice instead of bread.”

At Red House in Honolulu, customers will find a vast array of unique entrees, such as Pizza Tonkatsu ($10.99/$13.99) — pork cutlet covered with pizza toppings and sauce — Red House Special Galbi ($14.99/$23.99), a grilled beef short rib with sweet pumpkin and grilled garlic, and Cheese Bob ($13.99), or fried rice mixed with mozzarella cheese, kimchi, bulgogi, curry shrimp and Spam. The most popular dishes at Red House in Honolulu, however, include Japchae on Garlic Bread ($4.99) — traditional Korean Noodles on Garlic Bread — Kimchi Jun ($5.99 small portion, $9.99 regular portion), or Korean-style spicy pancakes made with Kimchi, and Bibimbob ($13.99), fresh vegetables with homemade Gochujang sauce on rice.

Chun also says the eatery offers a good variety of cold noodle dishes, including Spicy Noodle ($9.99) — buckwheat noodles with Red House spicy sauce — Kimchee Cold Noodle ($11.99), a cold noodle dish mixed with kimchee and spicy and sweet sauce, and Jjolmen ($19.99), featuring thick, buckwheat noodles with a spicy and sweet sauce (for two people).

While these dishes are popular customer orders, Chef Special Boneless Moa ($14.99/$23.99) — fried boneless chicken thighs with green onion — reigns as Red House’s signature dish.

“The boneless chicken is the house special,” confirms Chun. “We use fresh chicken, not frozen chicken.”

For those who enjoy extremely spicy food and traditional Korean dishes, Chun recommends the various Topokki entrees, including Red House Topokki ($11.99) — rice cake with original spicy sauce — and Red House Top & Noodle ($15.99), featuring the Red House Topokki with ramen noodles.

“Topokki is traditional (Korean) food, spicy mochi,” Chun explains. “We don’t recommend it for local people (because of the spiciness).”

In addition to its unique appetizers and entrees, Red House in Honolulu provides delicious, distinctive and refreshing beverages for its clientele.

“We have Red House Fruit Wine ($17.99), which is a rice wine, but we have fruit flavors, including Pineapple, Kiwi and Mandarin Orange,” Chun shares. “We also serve Korean Soju ($10.99) and Korean Beer ($4.99).”

In the next few weeks, Red House in Honolulu will introduce a new menu to its customers. But not to worry; many of the same dishes will be on it, according to Chun.

“We’re just going to add more descriptions because this current menu doesn’t have as many, and we’re going to rearrange the prices so some of the dishes are cheaper,” he says.

Red House in Honolulu

  • Where
    • 835 Keeaumoku Street #I-101B
    • Honolulu, HI 96814
  • Call
    • (808) 944-0088
  • Hours
    • Sunday – Thursday
    • 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
    • Friday – Saturday
    • 11 a.m. – Midnight

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