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April 21, 2012

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Shore Bird Restaurant & Beach Bar takes flight as one of the most happening spots in Waikiki.

Located along the shore in Outrigger Reef Hotel, this top-notch restaurant known for its famous beachside barbecue serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily to locals and tourists alike. In fact, A-list celebrities such as Sandra Bullock, Justin Bieber, Nicolas Cage and Adam Sandler have been spotted enjoying a meal here.

Shore Bird opened its doors in June 1979, and ever since then, this award-winning establishment has stolen the hearts and appetites of many loyal patrons in search of fantastic food and drinks within a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

“Shore Bird offers a nice, beautiful outdoor dining experience,” says vice president and general manager David Nagaishi, noting that the restaurant has served more than 6 million diners over a span of five decades. “Shore Bird always has a fun vibe to it and the dining room resembles a patio area as if you’re outside of Aunty’s house,” he adds.

Pay a visit to Shore Bird on any given day and it’s bustling with hungry diners whose lively conversations and laughter go hand in hand with the upbeat music permeating throughout the open-air restaurant. The all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet begins at 7 a.m., and priced at $13.95 per person it features a multitude of breakfast favorites including honey glazed ham, roast turkey, scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, hash browns, fresh fruits, sweet juices and more.

“What’s special about our breakfast buffet is the assortment of pastries,” Nagaishi explains. “We have our own bakery where we make all of our pastries right on property, be it cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, bear claws and assorted Danishes.”

While taking in the exquisite early-morning views of Diamond Head, sip on a mimosa from the bar and let time slip into oblivion. Before you know it, the lunch crowd starts shuffling in around 11 a.m. eager to bite into a premium Angus Shore Burger ($10.95).

“Our burgers are made with all of the trimmings from our steaks, including ribeye, sirloin and New York strip loin, and we grind those trimmings together,” says kitchen manager Brenda Roberts. “We also hand-press our burgers, and the Shore Bird logo is stamped onto all of our Hawaiian sweet bread buns.”

All burgers are served with your choice of sea salt seasoned fries, Maui-style potato chips or a side of fresh grapes (when available). You also may substitute organic mixed greens for an additional $2.50. According to Roberts, many patrons gravitate toward other items on Shore Bird’s Lunch Lanai Menu as well, whether it be Chicken Cobb Salad ($12.95), Cajun Ahi Wrap ($12.95) or a refreshing Pineapple and Papaya Salad with Cottage Cheese ($12.95). An all-you-can-eat lunch buffet also is available from noon to 3 p.m.

“Here at Shore Bird, you can either go healthy or you can splurge,” says Nagaishi with a smile. And if you’re going to splurge, why not go all out and feast your appetite on the eatery’s ever-popular “Thrill of the Grill” dinner theme complete with an all-youcan-eat salad bar. The grills are filled nightly with people from across the globe who dare to be their own chefs, grilling up beautiful renditions of hand-carved premium Angus steaks, which range from top sirloin to New York steak and rib eye.

“People love it (Thrill of the Grill),” Nagaishi exclaims. “I mean, where can you go to barbecue on a 20-foot grill and not have to clean up? Your entree is served raw on a platter, and you go to our barbecue grill and you can cook it yourself, but there’s a chef there to guide you.”

Once your entree is cooked to your liking, top it off with an assortment of seasonings, which take your entree to the next level. Choose from salt and pepper, garlic salt, barbecue seasoning, seasoned salt, Montreal Steak seasoning, lemon pepper and roasted garlic seasoning, to name a few. For a cost of $2.50, add a side of Shore Bird’s homemade cave-aged Bleu Cheese Butter to your meal.

“The grill gets hotter than 600 degrees,” Roberts explains. “Three-fourth pound Rib Eye Steak ($29.95) is a highly requested cut, and people like to pair it with Montreal Steak seasoning.”

“We have an extensive menu consisting of pork chops, ribs, lobster, fresh fish, shrimp kabobs, ahi kabobs and more,” Nagaishi adds. “Teriyaki Ahi Kabob ($24.95) and Half Pound Teriyaki Beef Kabob ($22.95) seem to be favorites among our customers.”

Dinner is served until 10 p.m. nightly, and then Shore Bird’s late-night specials take center stage until midnight, featuring Premium Angus Sliders with fries ($8.95), Chicago Style Hot Dog with fries ($8.95), Mahi Sliders with fries ($9.95), Jumbo Soft Pretzels ($6.95) and Premium Angus Shore Burger with fries ($9.95).

“Free sing-along karaoke begins every night at 9:30 until closing. On the weekends and in the evenings, we have a great local following because they love to karaoke,” Nagaishi says.

A lot of patrons also take advantage of the restaurant’s nightly Happy Hour from 10 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. featuring $3.50 all draft beers, $4.50 mai tais, house wines and standard cocktails. (Happy Hour also runs from noon to 5 p.m. daily).

“Once you visit Shore Bird you’ll always come back because it’s so much fun,” Nagaishi states. “This is the place to be for your favorite American cuisine with local flair!”

Shore Bird Restaurant & Beach Bar

  • Where
    • Oceanfront in the Outrigger Reef Hotel
    • 2169 Kalia Road
    • Honolulu, HI 96815
  • Call
    • (808) 922-2887
  • Hours
    • Open Daily
    • 7 a.m. – 11 p.m. (Breakfast)
    • 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. (Lunch)
    • 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. (Dinner)
    • 10 p.m. – Closing (Late Night)
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