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April 7, 2012

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Irashaimase! A friendly greeting from employees of Genki Sushi fills the room as you walk through the door, and you stand face to face with a rotating conveyor belt with a vast array of bite-sized delights thinking about which plate you’re going to pick first.

With more than 90 items to choose from, Genki Sushi provides customers with a vast array of sushi and other items to munch on. The kaiten-style dining has been a big hit with customers upon Genki Sushi’s opening in Hawaii in 1992.

  • Ebi Tempura Roll ($3.80), Rainbow Roll ($4.80) and Volcano Roll ($4.80)
  • Fresh Salmon ($2.80), Garlic Ebi ($2.80) and Ahi (market price)
  • Kitchen prep Chelsea Ganer (left) and lead supervisor Marj Anagaran
  • Genki Set 1 ($11)
  • Spicy Tuna Set ($11)
  • Ebi Fry ($3.80), Shumai ($2.80) and Ika Geso Karaage ($2.20)
  • Spicy Bomb ($2.80), Ahi Poke ($2.20) and Tobiko ($2.20)
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The fried items are savory must-try dishes. Seafood dishes Ebi Fry ($3.80) and Ika Geso Karaage ($2.20) are sure to please any customer searching for that comfort-food feeling. There’s also a new item that will be added to the new Genki Sushi menu — Shumai ($2.80), pork dumplings.

Rolls at Genki Sushi are not your ordinary rolls. They’re packed with flavor, various ingredients and color — sometimes it takes more than one bite to finish off a piece. Rainbow Roll ($4.80), Volcano Roll ($4.80) and Ebi Tempura Roll ($3.80) are among the local favorites that keep customers flocking to Genki Sushi on a regular basis.

As if the rolls weren’t enough, Genki also offers various types of nigiri (a common type of sushi with a clump of rice and fish on top). Ahi (market price) is a sure winner, and the fish is always fresh and tasty. Other favorites include Fresh Salmon ($2.80) served with a lemon wedge and Garlic Ebi ($2.80).

Additional items priced at $2.80 include Unagi, Abalone Salad and Spicy Salmon. If you’re looking to try something other than nigiri sushi with seafood, there also are other options such as Spam ($1.50) and Tamago ($1.50).

But wait, there’s more. Ahi Poke ($2.20), Tobiko ($2.20) and Spicy Bomb ($2.80) are sure crowd pleasers, and like all other dishes at Genki, they’re never lacking in flavor.

If the task of grabbing plates from the conveyor belt is a little too much for you to handle, you can always place an order with your server. There also are Set Menus that are perfect for takeout orders. Genki Set 1 ($11) includes six different types of sushi and is one of the most popular sets. It contains items including Tobiko, Tamago, Ahi and Spicy Tuna Gunkan.

And if “spicy” is on your mind, Spicy Tuna Set ($11) has 10 pieces of Spicy Tuna goodness that will leave you wondering how you ever lived without it in the first place.

Besides the sushi, there also are other dishes such as Edamame ($1.50), Miso Soup ($2.20), Tossed Green Salad ($2.20), Cold Tofu ($2.20) and Chawan Mushi ($2.80).

It can be intimidating to look through the menu at all the choices available at Genki Sushi, but its kaiten-style dining and portions will allow you to try a little bit of everything.

With locations across Oahu (Kapahulu, Waiau, Kaneohe, Ala Moana, Waikele, Ewa Town Center, Ward Centre, Aina Haina and Kapolei), Maui, Big Island and Kauai, you’re sure to find a Genki Sushi that will satisfy your sushi cravings. So, get ready to eat your fill and stack up those plates.

Genki Sushi

  • Where
    • 94-299 Lumiaina Place
    • Waipahu, HI 96797
    • (and various locations)
  • Call
    • (808) 678-3180 (Waikele)
    • (808) 735-7700 (Kapahulu)
    • (808) 485-0227 (Waiau)
    • (808) 247-9595 (Kaneohe)
    • (808) 942-9102 (Ala Moana)
    • (808) 683-1003 (Eva Town Center)
    • (808) 591-5600 (Ward Center)
    • (808) 373-4033 (Aina Haina)
    • (808) 674-4227 (Kapolei)
  • Hours
    • Sunday – Thursday
    • 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.
    • Friday – Saturday
    • 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
    • Some location hours vary, call for details.
  • Website

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