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February 11, 2012

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Nothing says “amour” like delightful delicacies from Patisserie La Palme D’Or. The eatery, which first opened in 2006 at Ala Moana Center, features special sweets every Valentine’s Day, and this year is no exception. Numerous customers often crowd the patisserie during the days leading up to — and the day of — Valentine’s Day.

  • Rasberry Amor ($37 small, $26 extra-small)
  • Jelly au Lait ($4.55)
  • Cheese D'Or ($4)
  • Pastry chef Hikaru Hatano whips up a cake.
  • Passion Delight ($37 small, $26 extra-small)
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For Valentine’s Day 2012, La Palme D’Or proudly presents two different cakes — Passion Delight and Raspberry Amor ($37 small; $26 extra-small). Comprising of a variety of fruity mousse flavors, Passion Delight features layers of white chocolate, banana and strawberry mousse with passion cream accents atop a layer of vanilla sponge cake. Raspberry Amor includes layers of milk tea chocolate cream and a chocolate hazelnut crunch atop chocolate almond sponge cake. The dessert is adorned with a raspberry ganache. The extra-small sizes are recommended for two to four people, while the small sizes can be shared among four to six people.

While the two special cakes are often sold whole, slices of each are available as well, according to executive chef Akiko Kimura.

“They’re (slices) available in our display case for $4.95,” she says.

The unique flavors and upscale decor of the pastries at La Palme D’Or make the eatery different from other patisseries, as does the eatery’s fine ingredients.

“It’s a store where you can buy desserts that have both Japanese and European flavors,” explains sales associate Erika Donohoe. “The elegance of the pastries makes it unique (as well).”

The patisserie’s signature pastry is Gateau Au Fraise ($4.95), or a strawberry shortcake, with layers of light moist sponge cake sandwiched with fresh whipped cream and sliced strawberries. This pastry can be sold by the slice or customers can order the entire cake ($25 extra small, $35 small, $45 medium and $60 large). Cheese D’Or ($4) is another customer favorite.

“It’s like a fluffy cheesecake — very light in texture,” says Kimura.

La Palme D’Or offers customers many unique treats. For example, Crunchy Choco Sandwich ($2.50) — a fancier twist on the classic brownie — features a walnut and macadamia nut-laden brownie sandwiched with a milk chocolate hazelnut crunch. La Macha ($4.45) is a distinctive combination of green tea mousse, chocolate mousse and a layer of fine chocolate sponge cake. Finally, Chocolate Mint pastry ($4.50) — comprising of mint mousse atop a light combination of chocolate sponge filled with chocolate mousse and chocolate pearls — was introduced during the holidays and is still available for purchase.

While elegant pastries are La Palme D’Or’s claim to fame, the patisserie is also well known for its Jelly au Lait drinks. Customers can choose to eat or drink Jelly au Lait ($3.25 without milk), or flavored French jelly topped with whipped cream. Jelly au Lait comes in several variations, incorporating milk ($4.55), soymilk ($5.25) or mocha ($5.55) to the drink. Signature drinks include Plantation Tea Jelly ($4) — a textured summer drink made with 100 percent pineapple juice with sweetened black tea — and Jelly au Lait Mocha ($5.55), La Palme D’Or’s housemade chocolate milk with real chocolate. Lava Flow ($4) — a creamy blend of La Palme D’Or’s original strawberry puree mixed with condensed milk — is another popular drink.

In addition to the patisserie’s pastries and drinks, its brunch sandwiches and apple pies — half slices of green apples covered in almond creme and wrapped in puff pastry — are best-sellers.

“Our sandwiches — Homemade Croissant Tuna Salad or BLT sandwiches ($4.15) — and apple pies are really popular,” Donohoe says. “They usually sell out around 1 p.m. and we make a limited amount each day.”

La Palme D’Or does not feature daily or monthly promotions; rather, the specials are usually featured around occasions, such as Valentine’s Day. The various holidays influence the patisserie’s menu.

“We tend to change as we have special events; we bring in new items and take out the old ones,” Donohoe states.

Patisserie La Palme D’or

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