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January 7, 2012

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First stop Zippy’s, next stop Vegas! Lately, Zippy’s Restaurants has been humming the tune of Elvis Presley’s top-charting hit Viva Las Vegas, as the award-winning establishment recently kicked off its Lucky 21 Prize Giveaway — one of the many promotions the eatery showcases each year.

Zippy’s Restaurants has been an iconic landmark in Hawaii since 1966, when founders Charlie and Francis Higa opened the doors to the first eatery, setting its roots in McCully. Since then Zippy’s has become a part of Hawaii’s ohana with 24 locations on Oahu and one in Kahului, Maui.

  • Kim Chee Fried Rice served with teriyaki beef and won tons ($9.75 restaurant only) and Kalbi Bowl ($11.50 restaurant only)
  • (from left) Servers Destiny Pascual, Ashley Seina and Shalie Sayaman with a few of Zippy's tasty specials.
  • Mochiko Chicken ($8.35 fast-food counter/$9.60 restaurant)
  • Mandarin Orange Salad ($6.50 restaurant only)
  • Pork and Peas ($7.85 fast-food counter/$8.95 restaurant)
  • Boneless Braised Beef Chuck Shortribs ($13.50 restaurant only)
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Dining Out recently caught up with Zippy’s Restaurants marketing manager Jeanine Mamiya-Kalahiki, who gladly gave us the inside scoop on some of Zippy’s classic rotating daily specials and new limited-time offers that will hopefully have you on your way to Sin City!

DO: It’s that time of year again for Zippy’s Get Lucky 21 Prize Giveaway promotion, which means there are lots of exciting things in store when it comes to food and prizes. What can customers look forward to when wanting to satisfy their appetites?

Mamiya-Kalahiki: Well, we’re featuring two exciting entrees that have become Zippy’s favorites — Spaghetti & Chicken Mixed Plate and Zippy’s Oxtail Style Turkey Neck Soup. Our Spaghetti & Chicken Mixed Plate ($5.99 fast-food counter/$6.99 restaurant) features spaghetti noodles topped with your choice of meat sauce or Zippy’s chili with a side of our famous fried chicken, garlic bread and macaroni salad. This classic meal is available now through Feb. 5. Zippy’s Oxtail Style Turkey Neck Soup ($5.29 fast-food counter/$6.29 restaurant) also is available now through Feb. 5 from 10:30 a.m., daily (while supplies last). If you love Zippy’s popular Oxtail Soup, then you must try this. Introduced in 2009, Oxtail Style Turkey Neck Soup was a great hit with customers, and we’re excited to bring it back again for a limited time. Cuts of turkey neck are simmered in a tasty broth similar to Zippy’s Oxtail Soup, topped with choi sum and Chinese parsley, and served with your choice of white or brown rice (ginger is served upon request).

DO: Those are some delicious deals, but what’s equally enticing is Zippy’s prize giveaway! Can you divulge a bit about that?

Mamiya-Kalahiki: Sure! Coinciding with our value offers, Zippy’s will have a Lucky 21 prize giveaway. With any purchase now through Feb. 5, you receive an entry blank (one entry per person per visit) for your chance to win one of 21 grand prize trips for two from Honolulu to Las Vegas with accommodations at the California Hotel, courtesy of Vacations-Hawaii. What’s more, these trips also will have premium class service, which now serves Zippy’s famous chili.

DO: That’s great! You have nothing to lose, so you might as well enter! In addition to Zippy’s Lucky 21 Prize Giveaway, Zippy’s will be offering a variety of rotating daily specials, starting tomorrow, correct?

Mamiya-Kalahiki: Yes, starting tomorrow, Zippy’s will be revising its current selection of daily specials, served from 10:30 a.m. daily. And due to customer demand, some specials have been reintroduced to the menu, as well as adding on some new items.

DO: What items have been reintroduced?

Mamiya-Kalahiki: Our reintroduced items are Turkey a la King ($6.95 fast-food counter/$7.95 restaurant), Beef Stroganoff ($7.95 fast-food counter/$9.15 restaurant), Mochiko Chicken ($8.35 fast-food counter/$9.60 restaurant) and Chicken Katsu Curry ($8.15 fast-food counter/$9.35 restaurant).

DO: What are the new items to hit the daily specials menu?

Mamiya-Kalahiki: We have a handful of new items, including Pork and Peas aka Pork Guisantes ($7.85 fast-food counter/$8.95 restaurant) and Boneless Braised Beef Chuck Shortribs ($13.50 restaurant only). Then we have the Kalbi Bowl ($11.50 restaurant only) that presents diners with grilled slices of marinated beef drizzled with miso mayo, atop a bed of rice, and paired with kim chee, cucumbers and choi sum. Lastly, we’re offering Kim Chee Fried Rice ($9.75 restaurant only) served with bacon, kim chee, green onions, round onions, celery, ham, a hint of sesame oil and beef base, topped with an egg of your choice and sprinkled with sesame seeds. The dish is accompanied by teriyaki beef and fried won tons. Note that prices are slightly higher at Zippy’s Pearlridge, Ala Moana and Kahului locations.

DO: Also highlighted this month are two mouth-watering salads — Zippy’s Mandarin Orange Salad and Korean Chicken Salad. Please tell us about these, they’re perfect for those who wish to eat healthy this new year.

Mamiya-Kalahiki: Yes, available for a limited time, Zippy’s Manadarin Orange Salad ($6.50 restaurant only) consists of Nalo Zip greens, Mandarin orange wedges, toasted sliced almonds, Craisins (dried cranberries), doused in our fruit vinaigrette dressing. Then, of course, Zippy’s Korean Chicken Salad ($9.25 restaurant only) is a customer favorite with Nalo Zip greens topped with Korean fried chicken, tomato wedges and cucumbers, seasoned with Zippy’s house dressing. Keep in mind prices are a bit higher at Zippy’s Kahului.

DO: 2012 looks as if its off to a great start at Zippy’s. What are the restaurant’s hopes for the new year?

Mamiya-Kalahiki: We’re planning to unveil new promotions. With 24 Zippy’s locations island-wide, there’s practically an establishment in every community, so we make it a point to cater our tastes to each neighborhood. People look forward to our specials here, and we want to keep it like that — so there’s always something to look forward to!

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