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November 12, 2011

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It’s that festive time of year again when the air is beginning to get a bit cooler and appetites are growing eager with anticipation of Thanksgiving. This year, Zippy’s Restaurants once again joins hungry diners in welcoming the holiday season with its elite Thanksgiving Meals To Go Packages. Zippy’s has been an essential part of Hawaii’s ohana since 1966 when its originators Charlie Higa and his brother Francis opened the first McCully location, providing the best in local favorites. And as Thanksgiving day fast approaches, Zippy’s dedicated team of employees is working hard to put together a grand holiday meal all its own.

  • Zippy's Thanksgiving Meals To Go Package ($76.95* plus tax)
  • Roast Turkey/Baked Ham Combo $9.45* fast-food counter/$10.85* restaurant)
  • Roast Turkey/Baked Ham Combo $9.45* fast-food counter/$10.85* restaurant)
  • Whole Roast Butterball Turkey
  • Tricia Wright with Napoleon's Bakery's famous Custard and Pumpkin Pies.
  • Misoyaki Cod ($11.95* dine-in restaurant only)
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With our mouths watering at the mere mention of moist and flavorful turkey with all the fixings, Dining Out recently joined Zippy’s marketing manager Jeanine Mamiya-Kalahiki at the table where she dished out all you need to know about Zippy’s Thanksgiving Meals To Go Packages — promising to make your Thanksgiving dinner one to remember.

DO: How and when did the idea for Zippy’s Thanksgiving Meals To Go Packages come about?

Mamiya-Kalahiki: We started serving our Thanksgiving Meals To Go Packages in November 1998. Back then, we had a department at select Zippy’s locations called “Zippy’s to Go.” The concept was to provide convenience to families by offering foods that are prepared and ready to reheat — the convenience of take home meals. It was designed for purchasing meals for small families. Then we wanted to do something for Thanksgiving, and this is when we started the Half Turkey Packages. In 2002, the Whole Turkey Package was added because of customers’ requests.

DO: Obviously, these packages are a hit! How many meals does Zippy’s sell per year? What can diners expect this Thanksgiving?

Mamiya-Kalahiki: Yes, they’re very popular. I would say, we easily sell more than 1,000 Meals To Go Packages per year. Convenience is key with these packages. The Whole Turkey Package ($76.95* plus tax), includes a 10 to 12 pound (cooked weight) refrigerated Whole Roast Turkey, 4 pounds Poultry Gravy, 4 pounds Real Mashed Potatoes, 3 pounds Stuffing, 1 pound Cranberr y/Pineapple Relish and one dozen Sweet Dinner Rolls. We also have a Half Turkey Package available for smaller families or dining parties ($39.95* plus tax), featuring a 5 to 6 pound (cooked weight) refrigerated Roast Turkey, 2 pounds Poultry Gravy, 2 pounds Real Mashed Potatoes, 1 1/2 pounds Stuffing, 1/2 pound Cranberry/Pineapple Relish and a half-dozen Sweet Dinner Rolls. Also, when you place an order for a Meals To Go Package, you can add a Pumpkin Pie or Custard Pie to your order for $7.25* more (limit two pies per package). Keep in mind that prices are slightly higher at our Kahului location.

DO: Of course, a perfect Thanksgiving meal wouldn’t be complete without dessert. What makes the pies so special?

Mamiya-Kalahiki: When it comes to the pumpkin and custard pies, they are derived from a special Napoleon’s Bakery recipe, made from scratch. These two pies are our best sellers.

DO: What an elaborate Thanksgiving meal! Why would you recommend this to diners?

Mamiya-Kalahiki: Based on my personal experience, these meals are not only simple to prepare, but they’re absolutely delicious! I would definitely recommend these packages to our customers. You can’t go wrong with a fully cooked turkey that just requires reheating, plus all the sides! Reheating instructions are included with each package. Instead of spending most of your time in the kitchen, with a Meals To Go Package, you can have the entire meal prepared in one to two hours (depending on the package you choose).

DO: What has the response to Zippy’s Thanksgiving Meals To Go Packages been like?

Mamiya-Kalahiki: The response has been great! We continue serving these packaged meals every year because our customers like it! We provide this service to customers so now they don’t have to spend longs hours slaving away in the kitchen. We prepare the complete Thanksgiving Meal for them.

DO: What sets this meal apart from other restaurants that also offer Thanksgiving meals?

Mamiya-Kalahiki: First of all, we use a Butterball Turkey. The stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry/pineapple relish and poultry gravy are all made from scratch. Our stuffing even consists of freshly-made bread from Napoleon’s Bakery! Our packages are reasonably priced, and we save you time and labor — you can whip up an entire meal with a whole turkey in no time!

DO: How many Zippy’s employees does it take to get these meals ready to offer to the public?

Mamiya-Kalahiki: It takes hundreds of employees to make it all work! We start putting everything together a couple days before Thanksgiving eve and send the packages to our various locations on Thanksgiving eve and day.

DO: What is the process involved in ordering these Thanksgiving meals? When can customers pick up their much-anticipated To Go Packages?

Mamiya-Kalahiki: Prepayment is required to place your order, and you can order online by clicking on the Thanksgiving Meals To Go link on our website, zippys.com (online ordering is available for Oahu pick-ups only).

For your convenience, you can pre-order with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express accepted) by calling 973.0880. Orders will be taken by our Zippy’s Administration Office from now through Nov. 23. Phone orders can be placed Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Also, keep in mind, special hours for phone orders will be on Nov. 19 and Nov. 20 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Pick-up dates for Zippy’s Meals To Go Packages are Nov. 23 and Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 24, at Zippy’s McCully, Vineyard, Koko Marina, Kahala, Waipahu, Waiau, Wahiawa, Kapolei, Mililani, Kaneohe, Kailua and Kahului locations.

DO: Dine-in specials also are available on Thanksgiving eve and day. What can customers expect?

Mamiya-Kalahiki: For those who choose to dine-in, we are offering up a Roast Turkey Plate ($8.85* fast-food counter/$10.20* restaurant), Baked Ham Plate ($7.45* fast-food counter/$8.55* restaurant), Roast Turkey/Baked Ham Combo ($9.45* fast-food counter/$10.85* restaurant) and finally, new this year, we’re also serving Misoyaki Cod ($11.95* dine-in restaurant only). Since we couldn’t get Opakapaka, we had to look at other options. We came across this cod and it received a favorable response. We really wanted to offer variety to the Thanksgiving menu. These dine-in specials are great homestyle meals and are available Nov. 22-24 from 10:30 a.m., while supplies last at Zippy’s dine-in restaurants and fast-food counters. Prices are slightly higher at Zippy’s Ala Moana, Pearlridge and Kahului.

DO: Is there anything else that our readers need to know?

Mamiya-Kalahiki: Yes, as mentioned, you can add a pumpkin or custard pie to your package for only $7.25 more! Also, you can order extra sides — if you want more gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc. you can order and pick up at the fast-food counter! We also are offering our Holiday Sushi platters, which should be ordered 48 hours in advance. For those who prefer to roast their own turkey, we can provide all the sides! You can save time by picking up your Thanksgiving sides from Zippy’s!

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