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August 6, 2011

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The great thing about Korean cuisine is the healthy dose of vegetables typically served in and/or alongside each entree. The not-so-great thing for those who don’t eat meat or fish, however, is that meat is the star of nearly every dish on the menu.

  • Bi Bim Bap ($9) with Cold Tofu ($5), Sang Choo Mu Chim Seasoned Lettuce Salad ($5) and Kim Seasoned Dry Seaweed ($3)
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Yakiniku Million, for example, a tiny Korean eatery conveniently located near Ala Moana Center, actually has meat in its moniker — “Yakiniku” translates to “grilled meat.” So why in the world would a non-meat-eater venture into this place with such a meaty name?

Dining Out readers know that you can’t judge a restaurant by its menu — or in this case, its very name. Many of the restaurants featured in these pages are so grateful for your patronage that they are willing and even happy to try to accommodate your personal taste.

Yakiniku Million manager Cindy Paik recommends Bi Bim Bap ($7.50 for lunch, $9 for dinner). Besides being fun to say, Bi Bim Bap is presented in a large soup bowl that contains mushrooms, soy sprouts, bean sprouts, cabbage and carrots served with rice on the side (some customers like to mix the rice into the soup, while others prefer to eat it on the side, so it’s served separately). The dish includes beef and is topped with an egg, but all you have to do is ask, and they’ll omit them. And, of course, it comes with a flavor-packed variety of banchan (small plates of pickled vegetables) that includes kim chee, lotus root, water kim chee, seaweed, bean sprouts and daikon kim chee.

Now that’s a great thing.

Million Restaurant

  • Where
    • 626 Sheridan Street
    • Honolulu, HI 96814
  • Call
    • (808) 596-0799
  • Hours
    • Open daily
    • 11 a.m. – Midnight

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