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August 13, 2011

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I know a few people who anticipate their birthday with much anxiety and stress. I, however, look forward to celebrating my birthday every year and make a day (or sometimes week or month) out of it! I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my special day than with my amazing family and friends, who I love very much. Today, I’m officially a year older (26, to be exact), as my birthday was yesterday, and honestly I don’t feel any different now than I did at 25. On second thought, I do feel a bit different — more stuffed — on birthday cake, of course! Yum! It really is a wonderful feeling!

  • The editor stands proudly behind her personalized Disney princess birthday cake from Larry's Bakery.
  • Personalized/themed birthday cakes from Larry's Bakery (prices vary)
  • Personalized/themed birthday cakes from Larry's Bakery (prices vary)
  • Fendu Boulangerie's Lilikoi Cheesecake (6-inch $23, 10-inch $42)
  • Fendu Boulangerie's Chocolate Mousse ($48)
  • Patisserie La Palme D'or's Tropical Fromage ($32-$140, depending on size)
  • Patisserie La Palme D'or's Chocolate cake (extra small $20, small $30, medium $44, large $55)
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I adore birthday cakes, not just because they’re associated with a special day, but rather they taste so darn good! Let’s see, vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, cheesecake, ice cream cake, Chantilly, the list goes on — and they’re all so onolicious!

This week, I couldn’t help but indulge in every cake that I set my sights on, and I was happy to see that the following “Ono, You Know” bakeries and patisseries love birthday cakes just as much as I do!

So now that the candles have been blown out, the wishes have been made and some of the cake and ice cream have been devoured, I’m excited for this new year ahead of me. But, before I get too far ahead of myself, anyone care to join me for even more cake? Grab a fork, there’s plenty of birthday goodness left to go around!

Larry’s Bakery

My birthday jubilee started earlier this week at Larry’s Bakery, where I was in for a surprise of a lifetime. Sure, it’s obvious that this Salt Lake bakery on Lawehana Street is known for its renowned baked goods, including pastries, cookies and breads, but upon setting foot inside the shop, I was hit with a birthday cake extravaganza!

Iris Yafuso and brother Lance Yafuso oversee much of the operations when it comes to this family-run business, and Iris says they works hard to cater your birthday cake to your liking.

“We offer all different flavors: butter-cake, red velvet, chocolate, chocolate chiffon with white buttercream frosting, dobash and Chantilly cake,” Iris exclaims. “All of the cakes can be decorated as well, centered on a certain theme or with your child’s favorite toy,” she adds. “In addition to birthday cakes, Larry’s Bakery also bakes up cakes for bridal showers, baby showers, grad parties and more.

“We always recommend the butter-cream frosting because it’s white and, like a canvas, we can decorate it in many different ways,” she explains.

And just in time for my birthday, Iris and her team surprised me with a princess cake — I’ve always been a fan of Disney princesses, especially princess Jasmine, so it was a real treat! Now, let me explain, this cake was nowhere near your average cake — not even close. This spectacular fairy tale cake consisted of three layers that included an actual castle and toy figurines of Belle, Aurora, Cinderella, Princess Jasmine, Ariel and Snow White! This is any girl’s dream come true (yes, even one who just turned 26).

Prices for Larry’s cakes range from $15 to $300 depending on the size, flavor and design of the cake.

“We always work with the customers to make their experience as simple and fun as possible,” Iris says.

So, wether you prefer Ni Hao Kai Lan, Cars, Hello Kitty, Disney princesses, or a simple design to grace your cake, Larry’s Bakery will surely make any birthday one to remember!

Larry’s Bakery
4369 Lawehana St. #3
(808) 422-0059
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Fendu Boulangerie

The birthday festivities continued at Fendu Boulangerie in Manoa Marketplace, where owner and pastry chef Niel Koep greeted me with the most sinfully exquisite cakes ever — they were just beautiful!

As soon as I laid my eyes and sweet tooth on the Chocolate Mousse cake ($48, serves 12-16 people) it was love at first bite. All you chocoholics, are you ready for this? The bottom layer of this tantalizing cake consists of a macadamia nut and chocolate chunk dacquoise, topped with a light chocolate chiffon cake and two layers of decadent bittersweet Valrhona chocolate mousse. As soon as you sample this cake of all cakes, you’ll notice the outer portion of this chocolate paradise is made from a delicious two-toned almond sponge cake. Lastly, the cake is finished off with a pristine chocolate shiny glaze and decorated with delectable pieces of pure chocolate. Simply heavenly, isn’t it?

Now, while the Chocolate Mousse cake is right up my alley, it may be too rich for some, which is why Koep’s Lilikoi Cheesecake (6-inch $23, 10-inch $42) is the perfect choice for those craving lighter fare.

“The Lilikoi Cheesecake is one of our best-selling cakes,” Koep says. “It’s definitely a lighter cheesecake, not like normal cheesecakes, which are usually rich and dense.”

This refreshing birthday treat features an almond crust and an alluring blend of cream cheese and mascarpone cheese flavored with hints of fresh lilikoi puree and vanilla. A savory lilikoi glaze along with seasonal fruits also complements the cake, making it the absolute choice for your special day. Be sure to order ahead of time to guarantee your cake of choice. Now that these cakes are ready to be devoured, don’t forget the candles!

Fendu Boulangerie
Manoa Marketplace
2752 Woodlawn Drive #5119
(808) 988-4310
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Patisserie La Palme D’or

Is it just me or is everything all the more joyous on your birthday? The day seems brighter, the air smells sweeter and if you’re a foodie and a cake fanatic like I am, birthday cakes become the greatest thing known to man! Don’t be afraid to go all out on your birthday and marvel in the festivities and good times time with friends and family — you are celebrating another year of life, after all.

And to help in celebrating your day is Patisserie La Palme D’or — a top-notch establishment dedicated to presenting customers with the perfect blend of French flavor and Japanese craftsman-ship. The secret may be in the fact that head chef Akiko Kimura utilizes only the best ingredients directly from Japan to create fresh pastries and desserts made especially for your sweetest of cravings.

Thoughts of cake, cake and more cake have been overwhelming me lately and La Palme D’or’s Tropical Fromage ($32-$140, depending on size) is beyond amazing! Imagine indulging in morsels of layered cheesecake and coconut sponge cake topped with the most tempting lilikoi and mango mousse. I’m no psychic, but I can probably guess your mouth is watering as you read this.

Kimura also skillfully creates a chocolate cake that is to die for. Appropriately named “Chocolate” (extra small $20, small $30, medium $44, large $55), you and your party guests will be spoiled with layers of chocolate sponge cake and vanilla cream, decorated with chocolate mousse and a medley of berries, including fresh strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries.

You know, at this rate, I just may have to skip lunch and dinner, and go straight for dessert. The choice is quite simple — all I have to say is, “Cake, please!”

Patisserie La Palme D’or
Ala Moana Center
1450 Ala Moana Blvd.
(808) 941-6161
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