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May 21, 2011

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When it comes to sushi, less is more, and there is no better place to find simply delicious sushi creations than at G Sushi.

  • Spicy Tuna with Udon ($6.79)
  • Customers can view a carousel of sushi offerings on mini boats.
  • Seared Salmon ($2.89)
  • Rainbow Roll ($3.99)
  • Catch Katsu ($2.89)
  • Salmon Skin ($2.89)
  • Chef Kun slices fresh ahi.
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Located in Market City Shopping Center in Kapahulu, the sushi shop has been open for a little more than three years in what used to be Catch of the Day. Owners Billy and Lisa Yuan, who also are husband and wife, take pride in their unique creations, many of which utilize the freshest fish found on the island.

“We always order every day from the fish market,” says Lisa, who makes many of the popular seafood dishes herself in the back kitchen.

“We always make the food fresh by hand, and many are my own recipes,” she adds.

One hand-crafted specialty at G Sushi is the Rainbow Roll ($3.99), a beautifully arranged arc of avocado, crab, cucumber, eel, salmon and ahi. Another masterpiece is the Salmon Skin Roll ($2.89), deep-fried salmon skin artfully combined with cucumber, lettuce and furikake.

Less ornate but just as tasty are the Spam Maki ($2.39), Deep-Fried Seafood Cabbage ($2.89), Seared Aji Hotate ($3.59), Vege Tempura ($2.39) and Catch Katsu ($2.89), which is a simple combination of deep-fried fish, special sauces and green onions.

The sushi chefs at G Sushi are also well-versed in creating sweets, with a heavy rotation of dessert dishes that includes Deep-Fried Chi Chi Mochi ($1.29), Coconut Mochi ($2.39), Almond Tofu ($2.39), Cheesecake ($2.89), Shave Ice ($2.39) and their famous Peanut Butter Mochi with Kinako ($2.39).

With so many options, selecting a favorite proves anything but easy for Lisa.

“Every day I have a new favorite dish,” she confesses. “I like everything we have, I cannot choose!”

When pressed to pick, Lisa chooses the simple Seared Salmon ($2.89), but says spicier items like the Seared Spicy Tuna Cake ($2.89), Inside/Out with Masago ($2.39) and Spicy Tuna with Udon set ($6.79) are highly popular with diners.

“They are very popular, and the customers always order them,” she says.

And while the sushi is certainly the main feature, a special attraction at G Sushi are the mini boats that float on a conveyer system in the center of the restaurant, bringing a continuous supply of freshly made donburi, makimono, tempura, nigiri and more right to diners’ fingertips.

“The customers, especially the children, really love the boats,” says Lisa with a smile. “We are a family restaurant, and most of the families come because their children like the boats.”

This carousel of food also is a convenience for customers, who can hand-pick their meals from the various color-coded plates sailing by.

“The colors mean different prices,” Lisa explains, noting that the price-color breakdown can be found in the menus, which have the full list of G Sushi offerings customers can order at any time.

“The customers can see the pictures and order what they like,” Lisa says.

No gimmicks, no add-ons, no hassles — clearly, less is much, much more at G Sushi.

G Sushi

  • Where
    • Market City Shopping Center
    • 2919 Kapiolani Boulevard #23
    • Honolulu, HI 96826
  • Call
    • (808) 732-9661
  • Hours
    • 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.
    • Sunday – Thursday
    • 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
    • Fridays and Saturdays

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