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May 19, 2024

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: Lawrence Tabudlo

Icy QQMilkT Soup Signature ($11.75)

Meet Fresh customers appreciate how the biz’s innovative take on sweet treats and excellent service come together to form the restaurant’s mantra: “Desserts are our universal language.”

The Meet Fresh team believes delicious food can overcome cultural and language barriers, and hope those from all walks of life enjoy its authentic Taiwanese desserts, teas and snacks. The eatery imports key ingredients from Taiwan, uses a certified central kitchen to ensure food safety and strives to create an unforgettable experience for guests. Friends and family are encouraged to hang out, relax, re-energize and enjoy amenities such as free chargers and Wi-Fi.

Mangoberry Milk Shaved Ice ($17.75-$18.75) remains the top-selling shaved ice item as days grow longer and temperatures heat up. This dessert experience is well rounded as the fresh, slightly sour and sweet mango and strawberry flavors pair nicely with the creamy condensed milk and the cool shaved ice.

Looking for the “most exciting new dessert series”? Check out Meet Fresh’s QQMilkT Soup Series ($9-$11.75). Its Traditional Milk Tea is transformed from a drink into a large bowl-style dessert. The memorable milk tea taste is leveled up with silky pudding and one’s choice of QQMilkT Soup base.

Cold Coco Sago Signature ($11.75) is another popular selection that boasts a hint of tropical island vibes as chewy sago, Mini Q, and boba toppings converge with coconut milk and taro soup. Almond pudding adds another tasty layer to this unforgettable dessert.

As a reminder, prices mentioned are pre-tax. Meet Fresh accepts group orders and will even offer discounts for events.

1450 Ala Moana Blvd no 1320, Honolulu, HI 96814

Hawaii's Best
Hawaii's Best