Enjoy spring with tasty noodles

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March 24, 2024

Story By: Averie Soto | Photos by: Lawrence Tabudlo

House Beef Noodles ($15.99)

Spring has arrived, and Mian is ready to help guests enjoy the season with a taste of Sichuan cuisine.

“We offer authentic noodles that can be enjoyed inhouse or as takeout,” manager Shihong Xu says. “They are perfect for a quick meal for one person and also serve as a great gathering place.”

Mian is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and its focus on only using high-quality, fresh ingredients.

The eatery’s menu features homemade House Beef Noodles ($15.99) in the Sichuan style with a spicy beef-flavored soup base, beef stew and steamed bok choy. Another favorite is the chewy, hot-and-sour Sweet Potato Noodles ($11.99) with a salty-and-sour bone broth base. The Pork Dumplings ($13.99) are also available for guests who enjoy porcine dishes with a traditional spicy-sweet sauce.

Soup Dumplings ($14.99) have also been added to the menu, with eight pieces in every order. For guests looking to quench their thirst, Mian showcases a drink menu of Plum Juice ($4.99), Herbal Tea ($3.50), Refined Mandarin Soda ($5.50) and Genki Peach Soda ($5.50).

Xu says that experiencing true Sichuan cuisine is the guests’ favorite part of visiting Mian and that the “good working environment and harmonious team” are the best parts of being involved with the restaurant.

As 2024 continues, guests can look forward to new items being added to Mian’s menu, which will be available for both in-house purchase and takeout online.

808 Sheridan St no 105, Honolulu, HI 96814

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