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November 19, 2023

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: LAWRENCE TABUDLO; GENKI SUSHI

The recently renovated Ewa Town Center location.

With eight locations on Oahu, including its refreshed restaurant in Ewa Town Center, Genki Sushi serves up flavorful creations in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere.

Diners can also receive their favorite items from two new service robots (currently only at the Ewa location) that are programmed to deliver food right to their tables.

Sushi & Squid Combo Bento ($22; a $7 saving)

To celebrate its reopening, Genki’s Ewa Town location is offering specials, including bento that are packed with flavor and local favorites.

The Sushi & Squid Combo Bento ($22; a $7 saving) is a traditional Japanese assortment including maguro, salmon, ebi, unagi and fried squid along with fresh vegetables and miso soup.

Sushi & Chicken Karaage Bento ($18; a $6 saving)

The Spicy Tuna & Ebi Fry Bento ($20; a $5 saving) is another popular choice. Spicy tuna is served on a bed of rice and flanked by two fried ebi, plenty of fresh vegetables and a bowl of miso soup.

The most popular option, Sushi & Chicken Karaage Bento ($18; a $6 saving), is big on taste and value. In this bundle, a California roll and inari sushi are joined by delicious lightly fried chicken served with a flavorful sauce, fresh vegetables and miso soup.

One of two service robots will deliver food to your table at Genki Sushi’s Ewa Town Center location.

Diners also love the Ultimate Trio (contact for cost), which offers a delicious three-piece assortment of seared ahi, hamachi and salmon served with garlic and unagi sauce.

Call 808-683-1003 to inquire about the latest menu specials and for large orders and party platters.

91-1401 Fort Weaver Rd no d103, Ewa Beach, HI 96706

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