Crispy chicken never disappoints

A La Carte

November 6, 2023

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: Lawrence Tabudlo


Customers at bb.q Chicken can taste the difference in the restaurant’s preparation methods along with the care and effort that the team puts into making its popular chicken.

Each menu item is made fresh to order, and the sought-after chicken is fried in the traditional Korean method: hand brushed, hand battered and cooked at 330 degrees for a longer period of time, creating that signature juicy chicken before being finished with a crispy texture.

Just in time for the holiday season and upcoming football tailgates and gatherings, bb.q Chicken has rolled out a featured party menu that is sure to please the entire family. The Wings Party Pack features flavor-packed Golden Fried and Honey Garlic Chicken in multiple quantities: 36 pieces ($58.99); 54 pieces ($86.99); and 72 pieces ($114.99).

The Chicken Thigh Combo ($38.99) features nine pieces of savory chicken along with fries, two drinks, mac salad or coleslaw and two sauces; it’s available as a nine-piece a la carte offering as well for $28.99. Guests also enjoy an array of popular beverages at bb.q Chicken including Terra Korean Beer ($3.99) and Korean Soju ($9.99).

“If you want to try fresh, crispy Korean Fried Chicken, please come and check us out,” says owner Young Il Yoon. “We won’t disappoint you!” 

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Hawaii's Best