Wildly flavorful ramen

Step Up to the Plate

October 23, 2023

Story By: Allyson Pang | Photos by: Lawrence Tabudlo

The Wild broth is made from pressure cooking beef bones for three hours. Its creamy, white color comes from bone marrow rising and emulsifying in the pot.

Originating in Japan’s Tottori Prefecture, Kamitoku Ramen first opened almost 80 years ago. Since then, the restaurant has been passed down through four generations.

In 2014, Jun Kamitoku launched a Kamitoku Ramen food truck in Hawaii and has since expanded his family’s eatery to two brick-and-mortar locations on Oahu.

Popular at Kamitoku Ramen in Ward Village is the Gyu-kotsu ramen, which features beef bone broth known for its savory and slightly sweet taste. It also offers its special dish, The Wild ($12.75, small; $15.50, large), with an unforgettably tasty, creamy broth for your taste buds.

Its sister restaurant, Kamitoku Japanese Hot Pot, is located in Market City Shopping Center.

1200 Ala Moana Blvd.
Ste. 657, Honolulu

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