Fall in love with crispy, golden wings

A La Carte

October 30, 2023

Story By: Averie Soto | Photos by: Lawrence Tabudlo

Wing Plate Combo ($15.99, full)

Turkey may be a favorite during fall, but chicken is loved all year-round, and bb.q Chicken keeps the feelings alive with its crispy, golden menu.

“Each menu item is made fresh to order,” says owner Young il Yoon. “Customers can taste the difference in our methods and huge amount of care and effort that all of us put into our chicken.”

Carefully coated in a special batter and seasoned with herbs and spices, the restaurant’s Golden Fried Chicken is its signature dish. The poultry is served in whole chicken ($16.99, eight pieces; $29.99, 16 pieces) wings ($16.99, nine pieces; $29.99, 18 pieces), and as a Wing Plate Combo ($10.99, mini; $15.99, full).

“A lot of customers gave us feedback that they feel like they are in Korea,” Yoon says.

One of bb.q Chicken’s bestsellers in Hawaii, the Honey Garlic Chicken brings a balance between sweet and savory that customers enjoy and is available in wings ( $17.99, nine pieces; $30.99, 18 pieces), boneless ($17.99, 10 pieces; $30.99, 20 pieces) and in the Wing Plate Combo.

However, chicken isn’t the only delicious dish the restaurant serves. Ddeokbokki ($11.99-$15.99), or Korean rice cakes, is a comfort food in Korea, according to Yoon.

“It has been enjoyed for generations, evoking feelings of nostalgia and familiarity,” Yoon says. “Our ddeokbokki’s signature sauce delivers a robust and fiery flavor.”

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