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September 3, 2023

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO and ASIAN MIX

BBQ Pork & Ginger Chicken with Rice and Vegetables ($14.50)

By offering a multitude of tastes and flavors from around the Pacific Rim elevated by speedy service, Asian Mix continues to impress new and loyal guests.

Diners can enjoy the convenience of a fast-food restaurant without having to sacrifice quality, as meals are prepared to order with fresh ingredients by skilled chefs.

Roasted Duck with Funn Noodles in Soup ($14.50)

Located on the corner of Beretania and Piikoi streets (below Safeway), Asian Mix offers plentiful portions at affordable prices for takeout and catering orders.

Owner Daniel Leung says that the restaurant’s most popular dishes are influenced by cooking styles and techniques from Northern China, while Pacific Rim flavors stand out for their boldness. Roasted Duck with Funn Noodles in Soup ($14.50) is prepared in a delicious chicken broth-based soup with fresh noodles, green onions and a quarter portion of Asian Mix’s famous roasted duck.

Singapore-style Rice Noodle with Curry ($10.95)

Singapore-style Rice Noodle with Curry ($10.95) is another top seller. It’s typically served mild but can be kicked up for guests who prefer something spicier.

The high-quality rice noodles soak up rich flavors as pork, shrimp, round and green onions, bell peppers and bean sprouts are stir-fried with egg and Indian curry.

Be sure to try BBQ Pork & Ginger Chicken with Rice and Vegetables ($14.50). This plate features tender char siu and cold ginger chicken; roast duck and crispy skin roast pork can also be substituted in two-choice plates.

“Our goal remains the same: Providing quality food at a reasonable price without cutting down on our portions,” Leung says.

“We believe that we’re the most reasonable place in town, and you won’t be disappointed.”

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