Seasonal specials star at sushi chain

A La Carte

August 20, 2023

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: LAWRENCE TABUDLO

Spicy Sukiyaki Bowl ($6.75 Oahu, $6.95 neighbor islands)

It’s always sushi season at Genki Sushi. With eight locations on Oahu as well as eateries on Kauai (Kukui Grove Shopping Center), Maui (Maui Mall Village) and Hawaii island (Kona and Hilo), Genki Sushi serves up flavorful creations in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. Diners may choose from a host of delicious sushi selections, rice bowls topped with local favorites, bento sets, tasty desserts and beverages.

Genki Bites ($4.95 Oahu, $5.15 neighbor islands)

Most Genki Sushi locations across the state offer a double-rail “bullet train” sushi delivery configuration for convenient, ultra-fast ordering to help identify and select one’s favorite choices in a flash. As part of the train-ordering process, diners can place orders via a touch-screen panel and receive their sushi favorites tableside, and some locations even offer mobile ordering.

Ebi Una Roll ($12.50 Oahu, $13 neighbor islands)

Diners can look forward to new seasonal specials that launched this month and are available through October. Genki Bites ($4.95 each, $5.15 neighbor islands) feature one’s choice of salmon or ikura placed in a nori wrapper that guests simply fold and eat upon delivery.

Spicy Sukiyaki Bowl ($6.75, $6.95 neighbor islands) is another popular seasonal special. The flavorful sukiyaki rice bowl is accented with ginger, onions and a savory sauce. Ebi Una Roll ($12.50, $13 neighbor islands) is also available for a limited time. The robust roll is built with shrimp tempura, unagi and butterflied shrimp, and accented with a special sauce.

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