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July 2, 2023

Story By: Allyson Pang | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Pork Belly Stew Rice Bowl ($13.99)

Locals and tourists alike can enjoy authentic Sichuan-style dishes in a casual environment with a modern setting.

Named after the Chinese word for “noodle,” MIAN is a brand established by James Beard Award nominatee chef Tony Xu, as a more casual offshoot of his famous Sichuan restaurant, Chengdu Taste, located in Los Angeles.

MIAN is located on Sheridan Street, bringing its bold and spicy flavors straight from China’s Sichuan province.

House Beef Noodles ($15.99)

The restaurant’s team of tight-knit chefs were mentored by Xu himself to ensure diners get the highest quality.

Customers can choose from four types of noodles: fresh house, thin round, rice and sweet potato.

The House Beef Noodles ($15.99) comes in a beef broth mixed with spices and a Sichuan chili pepper base, topped with green onions and bokchoy.

For a pork bone-based soup, try the Spare Ribs Noodle ($14.99).

House Pork Dumplings ($13.99)

Complement the noodles with House Pork Dumplings ($13.99) and choose between three levels of spice. Another option is the Chili Oil Wontons ($13.99), which are ground pork wontons with chili oil sauce, garnished with green onions.

There are takeout and curbside takeout options available.

For more information, visit mianhonolulu.com.

808 Sheridan St no 105, Honolulu, HI 96814

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