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June 11, 2023

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

With a spotlight on stellar seafood and succulent beef, Rinka Japanese Restaurant has created the ultimate surf ‘n’ turf assortment with its highly anticipated Omakase Course Summer Menu that accurately celebrates the vibrant flavors of the season.

Like the Japanese flower for which it is named, Rinka continues to blossom with an array of delicious dishes and flavor combinations within its spacious, inviting setting. Situated on the Aeo tower’s ground level within the bustling Ward Village, the awe-inspiring locale was constructed with an open concept that includes a sushi bar and a sleek interior complete with warm tones and a high ceiling accented by modern lighting elements.

Bluefin Tuna and grilled green onions with clear soup

Rinka also offers a private dining room, which includes beautiful wood accents and is ideal for parties, family gatherings or special events. The restaurant features a full bar where guests can enjoy their favorite food and spirits, and ample parking is available in the lot above the restaurant as well as throughout the Ward Village community.

Simmered Beef Tongue with red wine

The seven course Omakase Summer Menu ($100 per person) is available now through Aug. 31 and features Whelk with Mentaiko, Surf Clam with vinegar miso; Bluefin Tuna and grilled green onions with clear soup; a daily assortment of three types of fresh Sashimi; Steamed Lotus Root with Sea Bream Ankake; Chilled Grilled Mackerel Chazuke; succulent Simmered Beef Tongue with red wine; and for dessert, Matcha Ice Monaka.


“The simmered beef tongue with red wine is super soft and melts in your mouth,” says manager Midori Omura. “This course menu features a nice balance of fish and the beef dish, including the popular Bluefin Tuna and Sea Bream. Japanese food is known for flavorful sauces, and the red wine sauce with the beef tongue is brand-new to our restaurant.”

Steamed Lotus Root with Sea Bream Ankake

As a reminder, reservations for this special set menu must be made at least a day in advance; the menu is served for dine-in dinner service only and is subject to change based on availability. Those with allergies or special dietary requirements should let the restaurant team know when making reservations.

Whelk with Mentaiko, Surf Clam with vinegar miso

“This summer omakase menu really feels like the season, and it gives you a chance to enjoy some new menu items for a limited time,” Omura says. “If you’re looking to enjoy Japanese food with your favorite beverage, and hang out with friends and family, we’re here to welcome you with a great meal, drinks and excellent customer service.”

In addition to the set menu option that shifts every season, guests can look forward to a popular sushi menu featuring nigiri, inari and roll varieties that “upgrades the dining experience” with multiple a la carte selections.

For more details about the robust dining experience, as well as other special offers and popular menu items introduced throughout the year, follow Rinka on Instagram (@rinka_restaurant) and visit rinkahawaii.com.

1001 Queen St #105, Honolulu, HI 96814

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