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April 30, 2023

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: LAWRENCE TABUDLO

7-Eleven Hawaii’s marketing manager Annika Streng shows off some of the store’s items.

Innovation represents a core pillar that supports 7-Eleven Hawaii’s mission to provide convenience to customers across the state.

The team at 7-Eleven Hawaii has carved out a niche in the local community as its stores go beyond a traditional category — they operate in a unique space that blends elements of a gas station, grocery store and restaurant.

7-Eleven Hawaii recently opened a new store at Kaneohe Shopping Center.

“We are somewhere at a crossroads of all three, and we change depending on what you need, when you need it,” says 7-Eleven Hawaii marketing manager Annika Streng. “That’s what makes us convenient; not only is it important for us to have physical locations throughout the state, but also to provide the products and services that add value for our customers. We are honored to carry the legacy of the world’s first convenience store and look forward to evolving with the people of Hawaii.”

7-Eleven Hawaii recently opened a new store at Kaneohe Shopping Center.

7-Eleven Hawaii successfully opened its 66th location on March 30 following a private store blessing ceremony with team members and support staff. This new store in Kaneohe Shopping Center (45-394 Kamehameha Hwy.) is 7-Eleven Hawaii’s third location in the Kaneohe neighborhood, and its largest one featuring 3,500-plus square feet.

Stop by your local 7-Eleven Hawaii location to find a variety of hot coffee.

This brand-new store includes conveniences and features such as bean-to-cup coffee machines, 7-Eleven Hawaii’s hot-to-go program, which offers pizza and empanadas, as well as f’Real milkshakes and blended treats. This large store has spacious aisles, so customers have ample room to browse and look around without feeling cramped or confined. This addition continues a 2023 full of renewal and reset as 7-Eleven Hawaii recently reopened its store at 1755 Nuuanu Ave. (across from Kawananakoa Middle School) following extensive renovations, and its Kapalama store at 1136 N. King St. is slated to reopen on May 11 following upgrades and the addition of new products and services.

Milk Jello ($2.49 on Oahu, $2.99 on Neighbor Islands)

“We are so appreciative of the warm reception from the Windward community and in each community where we open our doors,” Streng says. “Our team strives to provide an inviting and equitable environment with a premium selection of locally inspired, affordable products available 24/7. At 7-Eleven Hawaii, we consider ourselves ‘Your Neighborhood Store,’ and we see an almost immediate reception when we open where people make us a part of their morning routine by stopping by before work, after school, or before the beach.”

7-Eleven Hawaii recently opened a new store at Kaneohe Shopping Center.

Customers recognize 7-Eleven Hawaii for its fresh food assortment including bento and musubi, but the team received feedback requesting more dessert options. Accordingly, 7-Eleven Hawaii launched a variety of dessert cups and dessert pancakes for a limited time in May and June.

Dessert Pancakes ($1.99 on Oahu, $2.19 on Neighbor Islands)

New Dessert Cups are on special from May 8 to June 4. Available flavors are Mandarin Orange Milk Jello and Oreo Chocolate Jello ($2.49 on Oahu, $2.99 on Neighbor Islands) and Blueberry Yogurt Parfait ($2.89 on Oahu, $3.29 on Neighbor Islands). Try the new Dessert Pancakes on special from May 22 to June 18 with alluring flavor combinations: Ube Cream Cheese Pancake, Matcha Cream Pancake and Chocolate Cream Pancake ($1.99 on Oahu, $2.19 on Neighbor Islands).

7-Eleven Hawaii recently opened a new store at Kaneohe Shopping Center.

“These products are made daily and are fresh, never frozen, delivered to each of our locations twice a day,” Streng says. “We are excited to share these new products with our customers and believe that this assortment has something for everyone. I recommend the Matcha Cream Pancake, which has a Japanese-style matcha flavor that isn’t too sweet and goes great with tea. For first timers, I recommend grabbing a fork to enjoy the pancake with, as it can be unexpectedly messy, but worth it!”

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