Local-style lunches packed with tons of flavor

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February 5, 2023

Story By: Stephanie Lopes | Photos by: Kau Kau Grill

Salmon with Aburi Garlic Mayo ($22)

Located in industrial Mapunapuna, Kau Kau Grill serves up some of the most scrumptious local-style plates on Oahu — with astute attention to quality ingredients and crowd-pleasing preparation techniques.

Two special salmon dishes — the Salmon with Aburi Garlic Mayo ($22), and the Dynamite Furikake Salmon ($22) — feature Ora King sushi-grade salmon, which is described as the ‘wagyu of the sea’ for its marbling and buttery taste.

Dynamite Furikake Salmon ($22)

“There are a lot of different salmons, but we choose to stick with the highest quality,” explains co-owner Ty Takishita.“The Ora King salmon is farm-raised, fed only red shrimp and is controlled for fat content. Our cooking process brings out its unique flavor.”

Small Portion Plate ($14, three choices)

Along with salmon, the eatery — which was once a food truck and is in the process of securing a new location — also prepares locally caught, never-frozen poke and a slate of other savory dishes.

Small Portion Plate ($17, four choices)

BBQ Ribs, Garlic Shrimp, Pulehu Beef Short Ribs, Garlic Ahi, Smoked Meat, Garlic Chicken, Teri Chicken, Fried Saimin: Kau Kau Grill’s popular plates can now be ordered as a Small Portion Plate ($14 three choices; $17 four choices) — offering ono options to loyal and new customers.

“With the smaller combo plates, people get to taste different items. Many of our customers are content with the smaller plates, getting two to three bites of every item, while others will want more, going for our regular-sized entrées and combo plates,” Takishita says, adding that the Small Portion Plate comes with rice in an easily reheatable bento-style container.

Call ahead or order online for expedited pick up.

852 Mapunapuna St, Honolulu, HI 96819

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